Google files patent for backside touch controls on smartphones

A few new details have surfaced today from the US Patent & Trademark Office showing our good friends at Google are aiming to bring “simple backside device touch controls” to smartphones and tablets. It looks like they've recently filed a patent for the feature, and will possibly be racing Apple to offer this in an upcoming device.

Touch for Android Application Review

There have been many messaging applications hitting the Android Market lately, but Touch by Enflick Inc. aims to remove the boundaries of one dedicated OS and offer their software to everyone. It had evolved from its former application PingChat! and taken its previous users with them. If you haven’t converted already, simply install Touch and log in with your previous PingChat! credentials. Like the Facebook Messenger standalone application, Touch is practically instant, is data driven, and even tells you when a friend is typing to you. Other than having an extremely smooth interface, Touch really makes multiple conversations a joy to navigate through.