T-Mobile will soon begin sunsetting grandfathered plans

Those holding a grandfathered unlimited plan with T-Mobile will soon be in for a change. It looks like those plans will be going away beginning next month. T-Mobile has yet to confirm exactly when these switches would take place, or how long it would take them to transition all users, however a letter shared on Howard Forums points towards this happening in November.

T-Mobile HTC One Android 4.3 update expected mid-week

The Android 4.3 HTC One update has been rolling out for those in the US recently. The update has already arrived for those carrying an AT&T branded handset and was later confirmed for those with C Spire. We are still waiting on an official word for Verizon, however it looks like the update is just about ready to arrive for those with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 pre-orders go live

As we had been expecting, T-Mobile has opened up pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The handset is expected to begin shipping on October 1st and as we have come to expect with T-Mobile, the Note 3 comes with an initial downpayment followed by another 24 monthly payments. T-Mobile will also be offering the Galaxy Gear, but so far there is no sign of available pre-orders for the smartwatch.
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