Nexus 4 software update JWR66Y detailed by T-Mobile

It looks like those carrying a Nexus 4 will soon be getting a new software update. This one has been detailed by T-Mobile and looks like it will be arriving as software version JWR66Y. Take note of that trailing Y though because the rest of the software version number looks rather similar to the previous version -- JWR66V.

T-Mobile Moto X will “initially” be available only with Motorola

The Moto X was unveiled with a wide variety of carrier support being mentioned. There was talk of the handset coming to T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and US Cellular. The release dates have yet to be confirmed and the handset is still pegged for a release sometime in late-August. With that in mind, we are beginning to see some talk in terms of pre-orders (already available with US Cellular) and in the case of T-Mobile, where the handset will and will not be available for purchase.

LG Optimus F3 release confirmed by T-Mobile

T-Mobile has announced the upcoming availability of the LG Optimus F3 smartphone. The handset will be available beginning on August 7th. Those looking towards the Optimus F3 will be able to grab it with T-Mobile's Simple Choice plans. Perhaps key for some, the handset will be available with no money down.

T-Mobile’s “Zero-Down” summer sale arriving for all devices

T-Mobile generally has a selection of devices available for zero-down, however a recently announced summer sale is bringing that to all devices. Details coming from the carrier have this being referred to as an "unparalleled promotion" that brings "the upfront price on its entire lineup of devices in stores nationwide to zero dollars down." Simply put, you can pick any handset in the lineup and not have to make any downpayment.