T-Mobile LG G2 and Optimus F6 release date and pricing details confirmed

T-Mobile had already announced the upcoming availability of the LG G2 and Optimus F6 smartphones. And well, it looks like they have now come forward with the remaining details -- the availability dates and the pricing. Both handsets will be arriving this month, however those looking for the G2 still have a few weeks worth of waiting ahead of them. The LG G2 will be available as of September 18th.

Nexus 4 software update JWR66Y detailed by T-Mobile

It looks like those carrying a Nexus 4 will soon be getting a new software update. This one has been detailed by T-Mobile and looks like it will be arriving as software version JWR66Y. Take note of that trailing Y though because the rest of the software version number looks rather similar to the previous version -- JWR66V.