T-Mobile HTC One Android 4.3 update rolling out

Coming after a small delay last week, Android 4.3 has begun rolling out for HTC One users with T-Mobile. We are seeing reports coming from various users across the US and if you happen to be carrying a T-Mobile branded One -- you can grab the update now be heading into the settings. T-Mobile has already updated the support page for the HTC One and it looks like this one will be WiFi only.

T-Mobile Alcatel ONE TOUCH Fierce review

T-Mobile announced the Alcatel ONE TOUCH Fierce back in late-September. At the time they offered some details in terms of the specs, pricing and release date. And well, judging from the specs and pricing, we knew this handset was going to fit squarely into the mid-range lineup. While we realize that may not sound all that exciting to some, there may be a something here with the Fierce. We have recently been carrying the ONE TOUCH Fierce and have been pleasantly surprised. Read on to check out the full review below.

T-Mobile will soon begin sunsetting grandfathered plans

Those holding a grandfathered unlimited plan with T-Mobile will soon be in for a change. It looks like those plans will be going away beginning next month. T-Mobile has yet to confirm exactly when these switches would take place, or how long it would take them to transition all users, however a letter shared on Howard Forums points towards this happening in November.

T-Mobile HTC One Android 4.3 update expected mid-week

The Android 4.3 HTC One update has been rolling out for those in the US recently. The update has already arrived for those carrying an AT&T branded handset and was later confirmed for those with C Spire. We are still waiting on an official word for Verizon, however it looks like the update is just about ready to arrive for those with T-Mobile.