Google “Copresence” a cross-platform nearby file-sharing service?

Sharing files have been a lot easier thanks to the cloud, at least compared to frantically copying files to a USB stick and passing it around. However, it could still be much easier. Cloud storage and sharing services, by nature, require an Internet connection. Ad hoc networks, including WiFi direct and Bluetooth, aren't exactly easy or fast to get up and running. And NFC just doesn't cut it for large files or bulk transfers. Enter "Copresence", tipped to be an upcoming service from Google that seeks to solve all of that.

ES File Explorer tips and tricks for managing your files

You'll never run out of file managers on Android, especially since the platform does not completely hide the filesystem from users, unlike that other mobile OS. The benefits and drawbacks of such freedom is still open to debate, but until that changes, file managers will be a fact of life on Android. It's sometimes hard to paint an app as the cream of the crop, but ES File Explorer comes pretty darn close. It's not going to win any awards for prettiness and new or casual users will probably be a bit confused. But for those who want to squeeze out some every bit of functionality from their device, ES File Explorer aims to please. Here are four "power user" features that you might find useful someday or today.

Google Keyboard: 5 helpful tips and tricks

When Google released the stock Android Jelly Bean keyboard to the Play Store for all users, it was quite the shocker. Offering their keyboard as an alternative to manufacture skinned models, or the likes of Swype and SwiftKey. For those who do (and don't) use the stock keyboard, we wanted to share a few tips and tricks that make it useful. Things like gesture typing, next-word suggestions, and even text expansion support.

ICS Tip: Long press icon in Google Apps to learn icon name or function

This is a neat little trick that Google has decided to share with everyone. I actually didn't know this but if you've been wondering what many of the new icons are in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as they don't have names or labels -- you can just long press the icon and it will tell you the name. According to Google this only works in Google Apps, but the option is there for developers to do the same with their own apps, and some already have.

Galaxy Nexus Tips: Unlock bootloader, root, recovery, more

Now that many of us have a shiny new Galaxy Nexus in our hands, I'm sure many of our readers are looking for a few tips and guides. With this being a Nexus device this will be one of the easiest phones to unlock, root, and fully enjoy but we have all the details round up just in case. Below you'll find a few links to XDA, Google+ and more.

Android 4.0 ICS Tip: Connecting to WiFi

The entire process of connecting to a Wi-Fi network may sound extremely easy, but for some it isn't as easy as you'd think. Not only that but Google has changed this for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and after messing around with the Galaxy Nexus we've noticed a few differences worth noting. I have friends that are part of the younger crowd that should very well know how to use Wi-Fi but for some reason don't, so this should help more than just those looking at getting the Galaxy Nexus or an ICS device.

Tips to make your Android feel new and fresh again

We all love our Android phones, but if any of you are like me I occasionally find myself wanting to change things up a tad. Most of us have the same phone for around 2 years while we are on contract, but if you’ve wanted some change in your Android world then I have a few tips to keep things fresh. From the obvious like new wallpapers, to changing the entire lockscreen and more so check it out below.

FEMA Releases Android App, T-Mobile Offers Hurricane Tips

Just in time for Hurricane Irene, FEMA has released their Android App with all sorts of emergency tips and help guides and more. This is just in time as this sad hurricane Irene appears to be headed right for the East Coast and will most likely cause a few problems. You can read more at and the Android app is available in the Android Market right now, get it by clicking here.