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AT&T may begin throttling “unlimited” users soon: it’s time for some answers

Android users are a data-hungry bunch: we download music, movies, games, and no small amount of regular web and other data. Of course, we pay the same as regular mobile Internet users, for the most part - a fact that's led both AT&T and Verizon to abandon their formerly unlimited data plans for more rigid tiers. But if you're lucky enough to have had an unlimited plan when the change went into effect, you're grandfathered in... much to the dismay of both company's accounting departments. For AT&T at least, it looks like they're finally taking steps to encourage users to change their "data hog" ways. A Wall Street Journal writer got hit with a warning that he was in the top 5% of users on his iPhone, and his service would be intentionally slowed soon if he didn't change his ways.

Verizon’s double data returns on February 10th

The DROID 4 and buy one, get one free deals on the DROID RAZR aren't the only thing that's hitting Verizon Wireless soon. The company has brought back its incredibly popular Double Data Deal, allowing new and recurring customers to get twice the data caps on smartphone data plans starting Friday, February 10th. That means the $30 2GB plan is bumped up to 4GB, the $50 5GB plan goes up to 10GB, and the $80 10GB plan will be 20GB. The plans last for the lifetime of your Verizon account and are equally valid on 4G LTE and 3G, but unfortunately can't be applied to MiFi-dstyle hotspot devices.

Virgin Mobile won’t start throttling customers until 2012

While Virgin Mobile is technically unlimited (and aren't they proud of it) their parent company had intended to begin throttling its data-hungry users some time in October. Today the company issued a statement saying that while they still intend to slow down the connection of their most active customers, the change won't happen until an unspecified date in 2012.The information was released as Virgin Mobile confirmed that it's offering the LG Optimus Slider and HTC Wildfire.

T-Mobile to Switch 200 MB Plan Overage Punishment from Throttling to Fees

It looks like T-Mobile may soon take a page out of AT&T's book when it comes to data plans. A leaked image shows plans to move their 200 MB/month data plan off of throttling. Instead, T-Mo customers will start being charged overage fees should they exceed that 200 MB limit. For now, it only applies to the smaller plan, but is troubling news none the less.

AT&T Verifies Data Throttling in Future, October 1st it Begins

It has begun! AT&T has officially reported that starting on October 1st, 2011, the top 5% of AT&T will start to see reduced speeds. Top users, in this case, meaning those who use inordinate amounts of data on a daily basis, downloading Star Wars all day long and listening to the Imperial March on Spotify. What AT&T plans to do about you wild and crazy data machines is to force choke you - and by force choke I of course mean throttle your data speeds, making you have slower uploads and slower downloads once you get to a certain point during the month when AT&T thinks you've simply had enough. AT&T made it clear today that it's not you average Americans that they're slipping their fingers around, it's the evil rebels using "12 times more data than the average of all other smartphone data customers."

Verizon Unlimited 3G Customers Will Be Able to Get Unlimited Tethering Plan on 4G Upgrade

Now that July 7th has come and gone, Verizon is no longer selling unlimited data plans to smartphone owners, but luckily those of you who already had unlimited data were allowed to keep it. The even better news is that even if your unlimited data plan was a 3G one, upgrading to 4G would not cause you to lose that plan (for now). Verizon has no wanswered a tweet to clarify 4G tethering for those same customers. Verizon had been offering 4G hotspot tethering for its LTE phones for free up until it the same day it swapped over to tiered data plans. Those who already had 4G plans at that time had to sign up fot an unlimited tethering plan for $30 a month. Customers with 3G plans were left wondering what would happen to them. It looks like even if it is putting the shackles of capped data on new customers, Big Red is being nice to its current smartphone customers. If you upgrade from your current unlimited 3G smartphone to a 4G phone and decide you want to pay for a tethering plan, Verizon will give you the same unlimited tethering plan it made available to those who had unlimited 4G before July 7th. This means if you want unlimited tethering you'll be paying $59.99 a month. I'm not such a huge fan of the fact that carriers try and charge for tethering, but in the case of unlimited 4G (which could potentially replace home internet) it sounds more fair. On the other hand unlimited tetherers may be quite a hit on what has been a blazing LTE network.

Verizon 3G Data Plan Pricing Chart Released, Into Effect tomorrow

Verizon has joined many other carriers around the US and have decided to drop their unlimited only data plans for some tiered options. We now have a visual representation of what we will be paying for data on both smartphones and tablets starting the 28th of October. Feature phones will be pay as you go only, while smartphones will have to choose between a $15/150MB and an unlimited option at $30. This is a great option for users who rarely use the data features on their devices ultimately saving them $15 a month. However, if you decide to go with the 150 MB plan and go over you will be charged an additional $15 for each additional 150MB you consume, so if you plan on using your smartphone regularly or even semi-regularly it's advised you stick with the unlimited plan. If you are unsure which plan would be best suited for you, be sure to check out Verizon's data calculator to determine which plan you need. [Via DroidLife]
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