HTC ThunderBolt Hands-On and Unboxing by SlashGear

Behold the HTC ThunderBolt as our sister-site SlashGear unboxes it. The oddest thing happens when you first glance at the box - it's black. There's nothing on it! That is, until you get a closer look in the light. Just punched-out letters all around, HTC, Verizon, and ThunderBolt around the sides and the bottom, with a bunch of copyright information across the back. When you take off the top, the inside appears red. This is excellent packaging design if I do say so myself. Here at Android Community we'll have to wait until tomorrow (we hope!) to get our own review model in, but even from the video filmed by our main homie Vince, you can see the power emanating from the box just surrounding one of the most widely anticipated phones of 2011 (and it's not even spring yet!) Welcome the rain storms, thunderbolts (lightening?) everywhere!

HTC ThunderBolt Accessories in Best Buy Already, Unit Should Have Been Delivered a Month Ago [EXCLUSIVE]

A good pal of ours by the name of Alice P decided to take a trip to Best Buy this weekend and have a talk with the people behind the counter about the upcoming Verizon phone of everyone's LTE dreams. What she found were several things: first, out on the racks all around the mobile area in the store were the Buyers Guides you see in the gallery below. On the front of these guides are no less than the ThunderBolt itself, touting itself as available NOW! What does this mean to us? It means that, as speculated, the HTC ThunderBolt was slated to be delivered to Best Buy by now - they wouldn't advertise something they didn't have in stock, right? Then there's the accessories…

HTC ThunderBolt 10/24 Pattern Tipped for Release Date

We've received a tip from a fellow by the name of JR who has apparently recently had a chat with a friend of the family who works at corporate for Verizon. While we're not always jumping at attention for tips from friends of friends, if you know what I mean, this one smells like peanut butter, looks like peanut butter, and you know what? We think it's pretty much obvious that this is peanut butter. But before we get to the actual pattern she (the Verizon rep) gave that leads to the correct date, let's talk about what else she said, the funny stuff.

HTC ThunderBolt Clues [Wisconsin Rep Talk]

We've got a bit of an inside source who has come forth from the state below yours truly, from the city I love best in this most cheesetastic of states, Madison, Wisconsin. This source also has the most awesome of names, Chris, and has spoken with a Verizon Representative that's given him new info on what's become the most popular set of subjects surrounding the HTC ThunderBolt in these most current weeks: when is the ThunderBolt coming out, and why hasn't it come out yet?

HTC Thunderbolt’s main delay rumored to be due to poor battery life

Word has gotten out that what's causing one delay after another on the launch of the HTC Thunderbolt is poor battery life and HTCs frustrations with finding a way to fix it. Benchmarks at HTC are rumored to indicate that the best they've been able to do is three to four hours of battery life running the LTE/4G connectivity. Being that LTE is the hallmark of the Thunderbolt's performance, that simply will not do, so the Thunderbolt is delayed. AGAIN.

ThunderBolt Available in HTC Store, But No Checkout

An intrepid or otherwise heavily obsessed fan of the upcoming HTC ThunderBolt has been poking around the HTC store online, today finding a way to actually get the ThunderBolt in their cart. Sadly, all this amounts to is shattered dreams as the phone is just in the system, not available for purchase. To do this, all you've got to do is copy an address, paste an address, change a number, and submit! So simple. Maybe it's better that you don't even try it - no more tears.

HTC ThunderBolt Best Buy Release Date [MARCH] [EXCLUSIVE]

You've heard essentially every single date from here to the end of February for a release date for the ThunderBolt, the pre-order for ThunderBolt, and everything else in between. For instance there was a February 28th date for release, a February 24th date for release, and even a March 10th date for release. All of these may very well be untrue given the seemingly undercover photo we've just been slipped. Here it appears that the official release date for the HTC ThunderBolt at Best Buy on Verizon is March 10th, 2011.

HTC ThunderBolt Rooftop Ad Released

Oh man the ThunderBolt has such big potential for amazing commercials that we're surprised there haven't been more of them. This is the first commercial we've seen post-MWC 2011 (isn't it funny that conventions have become our holiday markers?) Have a look at it below and let us know if it pumps you up to the level that tiny announcements about its release date and pricing do. Then, just for kicks, tell us if you actually know how fast and nice the phone is, or if you're just super excited because clearly ThunderBolt is the greatest name for a phone since BlackBerry.

HTC Thunderbolt has been ROOTED!

Even before Verizon had a chance to release the HTC Thunderbolt, it seems one has already been rooted over at XDA Developers. Titled "In the Name of Root" by XDA member jcase, there are pictures clearly showing Clockwork Mod Recovery at boot. AndIRC is the team responsible for this feat, and I'm sure this will convince even a few more to jump on the bandwagon towards owning a Thunderbolt.

HTC ThunderBolt Release Date Confirmed by BGR

As you may already know, the release date for the HTC ThunderBolt that's been spreading around the streets like a fine butter has last been reported as February 24th, 2011. Now, our good pal Jonathan S Geller of Boy Genius Report (BGR) has also confirmed that date, so we can basically etch that in stone. BGR never lies, ever. Their source has locked down the release date for the HTC ThunderBolt to February 24th, and that's both at Best Buy and Verizon Wireless.
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