Handcent SMS updated to v4.0 – adds ICS support and new UI

For those that love to send hundreds of text messages per hour I have good news regarding one of the most popular 3rd party text and picture message applications for Android. The popular SMS/MMS app Handcent, downloaded over 10 million times has just be updated today in the Play Store to version 4.0 and has tons of new features and a shiny new user interface.

Siine Keyboard for Android released – icons make texting even easier

Custom keyboards are nothing new in Android although it seems like many offer similar functions, change themes, or simply suggest words faster than others. Today we have a brand new keyboard for Android called Siine that was just released and actually has some innovative and new features that had me extremely impressed. Check out the images below, and the video demonstration really shows how neat this keyboard can be when using familiar icons to type faster.

Pinger Textfree 1.2 adds Facebook chat integration

Pinger has announced that after its Android app has been on the market for five months it has been downloaded enough to catch up with the number of downloads of the iPhone app that has been available longer. The company is also talking about version 1.2 that has added more options for free chatting with your friends and coworkers.

Israeli company offers Kosher Smartphone

I admit, I'm not Jewish, much less Orthodox. But I do have several friends who observe the sabbath whom this new "smartphone" could be beneficial for. It's called a "Kosher, Sin Free Smartphone," and it's being developed by a company in Israel. The phone provides no internet access, no Facebook, no text messaging or email.

DriveReply answers texts and calls while you are behind the wheel

Driving and texting is very dangerous and anyone that has done it knows that only a small part of your attention is on the road when you are trying to text or read a text. The DriveReply app for Android is getting a new update to add new features making it more useful to drivers. The new version is 2.1.

Verizon Introduces VCAST Messages SMS Application

Let's face it, Verizon's VCAST apps are not usually ground breaking. Only offering up some core services that are attached to Verizon's music and location services, they are usually overlooked. However, this time, Verizon has gone and released their own texting application, and it's pretty decent. On track to compete with Handcent and Chomp the Verizon VCAST Messenger allows users to send text messages, and the software isn't actually terrible. There is an option for sending texts to recent calls so you can easily notify someone about your status if you just missed their call, as well as location based messaging and a group conversation feature. Currently available for the original Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, LG Ally, Eris, Incredible and Fascinate, it may be a nice way to change things up a bit. QR Code: [Download Link] [Via DroidLife]

Drunk Text No More with CyanogenMod

So you're the one who's been sending me all those inappropriate messages at 2AM? I am your boss or co-worker! How dare you do such a thing! You are fired, and also, I am suing you for so much money you'll never drink another glass of beer again! OR I could suggest the following to you: CyanogenMod's preposed Drunk Mode which stops you from sending messages or calls to certain people after a certain time at night.

Swype Beta Now Open to All (Limited Time)

For the next few days Swype will be opening up its beta app for anyone with an Android phone that registers. Swype offers a new way to enter text by swiping your finger from letter to letter to input text. This keyboard has been responsible for some amazing text entry speeds.
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