New Jersey seeks to penalize texting even at a stoplight

If State Senator Richard Codey has his way, soon there will be no safe place for drivers to pull out their cellphones in New Jersey. The lawmaker has proposed legislation to extend state law against talking and texting while driving to cover even the case when the vehicle is stopped at a red light.

AT&T’s ‘It Can Wait’ campaign gains the support of other carriers

While we have seen campaigns against texting while driving from several of the US based mobile carriers, it looks like the four main carriers will soon be coming together under one slogan. That slogan should sound familiar to many as it is already existing. Basically, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint will unite with AT&T under the It Can Wait platform. The four carriers will be joined by 200 other organizations and the campaign will begin showing in television and radio commercials this summer.

Handsfree texting shown to be as dangerous as regular texting

When it comes to texting while driving we often hear talk of going handsfree. The general belief is that it is safer to go handsfree as opposed to hands-on, however a new study is showing that it is not entirely safe to be texting handsfree either. This study was done by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University and it compares voice-to-text and non-voice texting in a real-world driving environment.

GPS use while driving must be done hands-free in California

It seems pretty well understood that you should not text or talk while driving, however with the full-featured smartphones that we are using these days -- that still leaves plenty of other features. You have the option to use your smartphone as a media player and also navigation to name a few. But now it seems that the not talking or texting while driving is turning into a case of do not pick up your phone at all while driving.

Texting while driving: Nearly half of adult commuters now guilty

There is obviously some overlap of good and bad use when it comes to a smartphone in the car. We can look towards the good being when information is feed to you such as for navigation or music. On the flip side, the bad comes when you are feeding that information such as replying to a text message or email. I am sort of touchy on this topic so I will avoid any deep ranting, however despite regularly seeing people looking at a smartphone as opposed to the road -- I was still somewhat surprised by the numbers in this report.

Should texting while walking be illegal?

Texting while walking is something we all do on basically a daily if not hourly basis. Could you imagine walking down the street in NYC, Las Vegas, or multiple cities and getting pulled over and ticketed for texting while walking? Sounds crazy right? According to multiple reports that is exactly what's happening at a small town in New Jersey.

Zipwhip creates text message-enabled coffee machine using Android

As if we aren't lazy enough already, this awesome creation from Zipwhip has me completely fascinated. Imagine waking up in the morning -- rolling over to your Android smartphone -- and texting coffee, or espresso to your Zipwhip-powered coffee maker. Then after you're finally awake you walk in to a finished and fresh hot cup of joe. Sounds amazing right? Check out the video below with edible ink and all.
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