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iMessage app unofficially arrives for Android [UPDATE: App pulled]

There are plenty of cross-platform messaging apps available, however there are some that are still limited to a single mobile operating system. In this case, one of the apps that is still limited is iMessage, which is available on iOS devices. Or more to the point for today, has previously only been available for iOS devices. A new iMessage app has recently landed in the Play Store -- but there is a catch.

BBM for Android again tipped for release this Friday

The BBM release date rumors continue. At this point it seems likely they will continue right up until the time the app lands in the Play Store. Before that happens though, it looks like we have another post dealing with the potential release date. This latest comes by way of the Indonesian language TecknoUp who have recently shared what appears to be an invite to a BBM launch event.

WhatsApp unveils push-to-talk voice messaging

The market for free text messaging apps and services is getting a bit crowded, especially with Asian players WeChat and LINE coming into the global scene. Companies are scrambling to stand out from the competition, like TextNow who just today announced their tiered budget phone plans. Another leading contender in this race is WeChat, who also revealed an addition to its services.

Heml.is secure messaging app reaches funding goal

We first heard talk of the Heml.is secure messaging app a few days back and as of a bit more recent, it looks like they have reached their funding goal. This all comes by way of the Heml.is Blog where they mention how the funding goal was reached in 36 hours and they now have to get to work. That being said, the Heml.is app is being touted as a secure messenger app with a beautiful design.
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