Watch all five Galaxy Note models undergo a series of drop tests

What's more painful than watching a brutal drop test from a drone? Watch ten drop tests between all five Galaxy Note models in one video. TechRax is at it again testing not just one but five Notes in a series of side and front-facing drop tests. Not that we still need to know if the smartphones will shatter or not, we want to know how Samsung made every model better each year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 undergoes a series of drop tests

Uh huh. We knew that someone would do a drop and stress test soon. The first one we've seen is by David Rahimi of PhoneBuff. It's not just like any drop test where a guy drops the test from different heights (or from a drone!) but using a professional drop test machine for more accuracy and consistency. Such tests are done to know how tough or durable a phone is and since the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is our favorite subject these days, we're interested to know how this phablet will fare.

Samsung drop tests Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge in a new video

Samsung doesn't want to be defeated so it challenged SquareTrade to do another stress test of the Galaxy S6 edge targeting both the back and front sides. It released an official statement and its own Three-Point Bend Test to show the new flagship phone is durable. After all the numerous stress tests we've seen of the Galaxy S6 edge being dropped on concrete floor, submerged on water, another round of drop test, that extreme bend test , and the speed test, we learned that the phone can be a smart choice as long as you use a protective case and don't leave it underwater for more than 20 minutes.

Samsung outs statement on SquareTrade’s S6 edge durability test

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a hot topic right now. It's been the subject of several stress tests that are really stressful for anyone to watch. There's that brutal drop test which the phone survived, the speed test against the iPhone 6 that proved Samsung's latest flagship phone is faster, and the water test that proved it is only water-resistant and not waterproof. Another drop test composed of three mini-tests (a drop test, a back drop test, and a front-facing test) allowed us to conclude that you need a protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge because it may not survive harsh drops. The unit may still work but it won't be glitch-free.

Battery test shows T-Mobile devices last longer than rivals

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the longest battery life of them all? When it comes to Android devices of the Top 4 carriers in the US, the winner seems to be T-Mobile. The test was conducted using the Android app Laptop Mag Battery Test and used four smartphones from Samsung and HTC, one each from the top carriers. The conclusion is that the devices from T-Mobile have the longest average battery life among all those tested.

Jolla Launcher for Android starts alpha tests next week

Jolla once promised that it will be bringing both whole and parts of its rather unique Sailfish OS to Android devices and looks like it will be keeping its word. The startup has just given word that it is accepting requests to join its closed Community Alpha testing group to take its fancy Jolla Launcher for a spin on their Android smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 pitted against other flasgships in drop and dunk test

Putting smartphones through a physical stress test is sometimes fun and informative, except when they're not, giving users a glimpse of just how much punishment their expensive new device can take. Warranty service provider SquareTrade has taken the Samsung Galaxy S5, along with the iPhone 5s, HTC One M8, and Nexus 5 in a stress test face off, and the results are a bit surprising.

Samsung posts Galaxy S III stress test video

Ever wonder what type of process smartphone manufacturers go through to make sure their devices will stand up to the test of time, or the elements we all put them through? We've seen these before but today SamsungTomorrow has posted a brand new video showing us the Galaxy S III and Note II getting put through the paces. The video isn't in English but still fun to watch them click the home button 20 thousand times.

DROID RAZR MAXX ultimate battery test: 3-day business trip with no charger

Battery life is a problem for all mobile electronics, and Android is no exception. If there's one thing holding the platform back from a hardware perspective, it's the inability for high-powered Android phones to last through a full day without additional charges. There is one exception: the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX. With its massive 3300mAh battery impressively kept in a housing thinner than 9mm, it's nothing less than the best combination of power, longevity and high-end components of any phone on the market.
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