Temple Run

Temple Run 2 reminds developers: “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”

The Google Play Store is loaded with games. Without calling out any specifics, there are many that are not so good - and some that are really, really good. Everything from casual games to more in depth games such as Dead Trigger and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. But for the focus here, lets concentrate on the casual games. A few of the top developers in this realm include Imangi Studios, Rovio Mobile, Halfbrick Studios and Zepto Lab.

Temple Run 2: Android users wait while iOS users top the 20 million mark

Imangi Studios' has already announced the release date of Temple Run 2 for Android. And for those who may have missed our previous coverage, the release date is set for later this week. Or more specifically, go ahead and mark those calendars for January 24. Unfortunately though, while Android users are left waiting, they are also left watching how well the game is doing on iOS.

Temple Run 2 fakes hit the Google Play Store

The extremely popular and addicting game Temple Run has recently launched a sequel as I'm sure you've all heard. Simply called Temple Run 2. Sadly in this day and age you'll always have a select few people looking to bank on others success. Just as expected a few fakes have arrived on Google's Play Store, but are quickly being removed by the good folks at Mountain View.

Temple Run 2 Android release set for record-breaking response

This past week we've seen just about as much interest in one game as we've seen in every single other app on the market, and it isn't even out yet: Temple Run 2. The original Temple Run was one of the most hotly anticipated games for Android back when it launched many moons after the iOS iteration, and here with the Apple-first release of Temple Run 2, history seems very much to be repeating itself - and not just figuratively.

Temple Run 2 Android release date confirmed

Yesterday was the release date for Temple Run 2 on iOS, with the developers promising that the Android release will be following next week. While it isn't a big surprise to see games releasing on iOS before coming to Android, at least there isn't too big of a gap between releases in this case. There was just one small problem: even though Temple Run 2's developers said it will be coming to Android next week, they didn't give a specific date, leaving many eager fans in the dark as to when the game would actually launch.

Temple Run 2 coming to Android next week

Whoa. Out of the blue this afternoon the founder of Imangi Studios and creator of the wildly popular and addicting game Temple Run has announced that Temple Run 2 is launching tomorrow. Temple Run 2 will be available tonight in New Zealand and then arrive for the US tomorrow on iOS, followed by an Android release next week. The game is one of the biggest success stories on both iOS and Android, and we're looking forward to seeing the sequel.

Temple Run: Brave now available in the Google Play Store

Temple Run was a very anticipated game for Android, and has seen million and millions of downloads since launching back in April. It was one of the most hyped and waited for games I've seen in a long time. This week however, they've just launched another version of their hit game and are calling it Temple Run: Brave in collaboration with Disney's Pixar.

Temple Run: Brave by Disney and Imangi Studios coming June 14th

Whoa! If you're a fan of Temple Run or Disney we have some awesome news this afternoon for you. Disney's Pixar and Temple Run creators Imangi Studios have partnered up on an all new game for Android called Temple Run: Brave. This is essentially Pixar's new film 'Brave' meets Temple Run. Bringing everything we love about the extremely popular game to our phones with a twist.
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