Temple Run

Temple Run reaches 1 billion downloads

If you've had your fill of endless runner type of games on smartphones and tablets, you have no one but Imangi Studios to thank or blame. The game studio has just announced that the popular Temple Run game and its sequel has been downloaded a total of 1 billion times, reaching that marker that was set by Rovio's Angry Birds.

NFL Runner: Football Dash endless runner arrives on Android

For those of you getting ready for another exciting weekend of football and Week 3 of the NFL, we have a brand new game on Android worth sharing. It's called NFL Runner: Football Dash, and is essentially a watered down version of Temple Run that's been replaced with NFL players. It's quite fun and officially licensed too.

After Earth game brings another endless runner to Android

Earlier today we mentioned a game being released to accompany the movie with World War Z, and now we're seeing the same thing for the upcoming action film After Earth. Will Smith style and all. In a partnership with Sony Pictures, the team at Reliance Games is releasing a new game for Android and other mobile devices, called After Earth. It's basically an endless runner but it actually could be pretty fun so take a peek below.

Manuganu ‘platform runner’ game jumps onto the Play Store

If you're a fan of awesome running games like Temple Run, or enjoy the casual platform game for Android we have a brand new just launched game worth taking a look at. It's called MANUGANU, which reminds me a bit of Crash Bandicoot to say the least, and the graphics are excellent. Check out the details, screenshots, and release trailer video below.

Temple Run: Oz now available for Android [Hands-On]

Temple Run 2 launched back in late-January and almost immediately began setting records. In fact, it was said to have broken mobile gaming records by topping the 50 million download mark in just 13 days time. Since the release Temple Run 2 has gotten the bug fixing and performance enhancing update, however as of today it looks like we have another Temple Run game to play. This latest is Temple Run: Oz and follows in the path of the Brave edition in that it is a Disney release.

Temple Run 2 app update brings performance improvements and bug fixes

Temple Run 2 launched first for iOS and Android users had to sit back and watch while the game topped the 20 million download mark. Of course, a little bit of a teasing wait seems to only left Android users anxious to download the game and begin playing. In fact, once Temple Run 2 landed in Google Play the combined downloads shot up and achieved a record breaking 50 million downloads in just 13 days.

Temple Run 2 Review

The original Temple Run is one of most popular mobile games ever, so it isn't any surprise that Imangi Studios is back to offer players another helping. Temple Run 2 is here, and it takes the framework laid down by its predecessor and builds on it ever so slightly, keeping the gameplay of the original intact and as addicting as ever. If you were a fan of the first Temple Run, expect to spend quite a bit of time with the latest mobile gem from Imangi.

Temple Run 2 available now for Android [Hands-on]

It's finally here! Just a week after our iOS cousins received the sequel to the hit game Temple Run, the game has officially landed in the Google Play Store and is available for nearly all newer devices. When the original launched in March it was a smashing success on Android, but had been available for iOS for months already. Today we get the awesome and much improved sequel so lets check it out.
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