Temple Run 2

Temple Run reaches 1 billion downloads

If you've had your fill of endless runner type of games on smartphones and tablets, you have no one but Imangi Studios to thank or blame. The game studio has just announced that the popular Temple Run game and its sequel has been downloaded a total of 1 billion times, reaching that marker that was set by Rovio's Angry Birds.

App Updates: Facebook, Google+, Temple Run 2 and more

While there's no telling what apps the millions and millions of Android users have installed, especially considering there is more than 700,000 apps in the Play Store. However, today there was a pretty big list of apps getting updated that most users usually have on their phones. So instead of wasting time, here's a list of some popular apps all receiving updates today.

Temple Run 2 app update brings performance improvements and bug fixes

Temple Run 2 launched first for iOS and Android users had to sit back and watch while the game topped the 20 million download mark. Of course, a little bit of a teasing wait seems to only left Android users anxious to download the game and begin playing. In fact, once Temple Run 2 landed in Google Play the combined downloads shot up and achieved a record breaking 50 million downloads in just 13 days.

Temple Run 2 Review

The original Temple Run is one of most popular mobile games ever, so it isn't any surprise that Imangi Studios is back to offer players another helping. Temple Run 2 is here, and it takes the framework laid down by its predecessor and builds on it ever so slightly, keeping the gameplay of the original intact and as addicting as ever. If you were a fan of the first Temple Run, expect to spend quite a bit of time with the latest mobile gem from Imangi.

Temple Run 2 available now for Android [Hands-on]

It's finally here! Just a week after our iOS cousins received the sequel to the hit game Temple Run, the game has officially landed in the Google Play Store and is available for nearly all newer devices. When the original launched in March it was a smashing success on Android, but had been available for iOS for months already. Today we get the awesome and much improved sequel so lets check it out.

Temple Run 2 reminds developers: “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”

The Google Play Store is loaded with games. Without calling out any specifics, there are many that are not so good - and some that are really, really good. Everything from casual games to more in depth games such as Dead Trigger and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. But for the focus here, lets concentrate on the casual games. A few of the top developers in this realm include Imangi Studios, Rovio Mobile, Halfbrick Studios and Zepto Lab.

Temple Run 2: Android users wait while iOS users top the 20 million mark

Imangi Studios' has already announced the release date of Temple Run 2 for Android. And for those who may have missed our previous coverage, the release date is set for later this week. Or more specifically, go ahead and mark those calendars for January 24. Unfortunately though, while Android users are left waiting, they are also left watching how well the game is doing on iOS.

Temple Run 2 fakes hit the Google Play Store

The extremely popular and addicting game Temple Run has recently launched a sequel as I'm sure you've all heard. Simply called Temple Run 2. Sadly in this day and age you'll always have a select few people looking to bank on others success. Just as expected a few fakes have arrived on Google's Play Store, but are quickly being removed by the good folks at Mountain View.