HTC One (2014) carrier leak tips “Duo Camera”

Plenty of the recent HTC One (2014) leaks have been focused on the dual-camera setup. The thing is, while there has been some speculation and guessing, we have yet to see anything solid in term of how the camera setup would work. We have to remember this latest bit is courtesy of a leak, however having said that -- a Telstra advertisement mentioned the "Duo Camera" for the HTC One (M8).

Motorola X-Phone said to be a real “game changer”

Talk of the Motorola X-Phone seems to be picking up lately. Things began with simple rumors about the phone being worked on to supposed confirmations coming from a job listing and talk of specific features and a possible launch date. On that note, it looks like the X-Phone hype machine has recently kicked into overdrive and we are now hearing comments calling the handset a "real breakthrough, a game changer."

LG Optimus G heads to Australia with LTE early next month

The mobile team over at LG has been working hard lately on their smartphone lineup. Their impressive flagship smartphone known as the LG Optimus G was met with great expectations here in the US, and has slowly arrived for more regions since. Today we've learned that the folks from LG have one more launch coming up soon. Their flagship phone will hit Australia with 4G LTE come March 13th.

HTC Velocity 4G LTE heads to Telstra

Down under in Australia HTC is set to unleash their newest and fastest 4G LTE equipped smartphone to Telstra. We know it here in the states as the HTC Vivid and previous leaks (even down under) had it titled the HTC Holiday. This 4.5" screen packing LTE smartphone is headed to Telstra and according to HTC is "coming soon".

Australia gets Androidland, we get green with envy

It's been hard to be a down under Android fan lately, what with Apple's relentless hounding of Samsung design patents bouncing up and down the judiciary ladder. But there's at least one perk: wireless carrier Telstra has created the first Android-themed retail store, Androidland in Melbourne. Naturally various Android phones and tablets are on display, but more interesting is the Android marketing that positively saturates the space. And of course, there's nary an iProduct in sight.