View Comedy Central shows on Android device through new app

If you’re a huge fan of old, current and new shows on Comedy Central, get ready to laugh your guts out as the cable channel now has an Android app. With hit and award-winning shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, having the channel on demand on your Android device of choice will definitely cure you of boredom (as if we really can afford to be bored on our gadgets nowadays).

Nickelodeon “Nick” app arrives with full episode streaming

Nickelodeon has had well over a dozen apps available in the Play Store, and as of today, there is yet another. This latest is simply called "Nick" and it has arrived with full episode streaming. The app is free to download and also free to use, though, this isn't one that is going to make the cord cutting crowd happy.

MTV app arrives with full episodes and companion viewing experience

An official MTV app has recently arrived in the Play Store. The app offers video and will also serve as a viewing companion for times when you happen to be sitting in front of the regular television watching MTV on the big screen. In terms of the video, while available, this isn't an app aimed to please the cord cutting crowd.

Simple.TV DVR app arrives for Android users

The Simple.TV app has arrived for Android. The app has entered the Play Store as version 1.0.0 and with support for a wide variety of devices. Specifically, for those running Android 2.2 or later. But perhaps more important here -- the release of this app gives cord cutters another option when it comes to watching television on a mobile device, which in this case means an Android smartphone or tablet.

Aereo for Android app release confirmed for later this month

Despite some earlier reports suggesting an Aereo app would be arriving in the Play Store in September, it looks like a release has been confirmed for later this month. The details are coming by way of Aereo CEO and Founder Chet Kanojia, who has said Aereo will arrive for Android (as a public beta) on October 22. The app will be available by way of the Google Play Store.

Verizon FiOS Mobile update takes live streaming outside the home

Verizon has rolled out the latest update for the FiOS Mobile app and users will now be able to stream live television from outside the home. Previous versions of the app allowed for live streaming, however it was limited to when connected to your home WiFi network. Of course, as we saw with the live streaming over WiFi, the channel selection is rather limited.

Aereo streaming TV support coming to Android in September

Aereo, for those not familiar, is a service that will allow you to watch live television over the internet. The service will cost you a few bucks each month, but what you get is control over an antenna that will allow you to stream local channels that you would normally get at home. The perk is that you do not need any cable subscription, just an account with Aereo. The drawback here is that Aereo has yet to come available for Android.

WATCH ABC app limits live streaming TV to cable subscribers

The WATCH ABC app is available in the Google Play Store and brings the promise of offering a "new way to experience ABC - anytime, anywhere." The catch here is that statement is followed up with an note about how the live streaming is only available in select markets. Not to mention, those lucky enough to be living in one of those markets will also need to be a cable television subscriber to actually do any watching. That being said, there is another side of the app that should work for more users.

LG’s first Google TV shows off a new interface

After months of rumors, Google formally announced a new set of partners for Google TV yesterday, with LG right at the top of the list. Now some renders/press shots for the very first model have appeared, and it's a stunner. The unspecified model will be shown off at CES next week. But what's more interesting than the TV itself is the interface displayed in the photos. That begs the question: is this a new interface for the new version of Google TV expected early this year, or a customized modification of the base software done internally by LG?
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