Tegra 2

7-inch Dell tablet due in weeks; 3- and 4-inch models soon after

Dell's 7-inch Android tablet is expected to launch within the next few weeks, according to Dell Greater China President Amit Midha, who confirmed the slate's launch to the WSJ.  The tablet is a larger version of the Dell Streak, though according to early leaks will use NVIDIA's Tegra chipset rather than the Streak's Snapdragon. However, while we've also been hearing mutterings of a larger, 10-inch slate from Dell, that's not necessarily going to run Android.  Midha confirmed that the bigger tablet is due in 6-12 months, but said that Dell will be using Windows for some devices and has even been testing Google Chrome OS as another possibility. Before then, though, there will be 3- and 4-inch devices, likely falling into Dell's smartphone line-up. [via SlashGear]

LG set to deliver first dual-core Android smartphones in Q4

LG Electronics announced today that it will ship the world’s first dual-core CPU Android smartphones in Q4 2010. The devices will all be a part of the company’s Optimus series of devices. The phones are expected to use the Tegra 2 smartphone chipset which offer a number of improvements in mobile devices. [caption id="attachment_12639" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="NVIDIA Tegra 2"][/caption]

Toshiba Android Tablet Launching by October

Tablets are the new thing now-a-days, and it looks like Toshiba is getting ready to launch themselves into the market. And, of course, Android will play a big role in it, too. According to DigiTimes, who are getting their information from particular Taiwan-based manufacturers, Toshiba is getting ready to launch their own tablet, set to hit the shelves no later than this October.
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