GALAXY S 4 Tech21 Impact Mesh case review

As we all know, cases are an important part of our smartphones. While many complain about the look of a smartphone, in the end they cover it with a protective case to save them from the inevitable drop or two. Today we're taking a look at one case in particular that offers double protection for many handsets, including the shiny new GALAXY S 4. Take a peek below at our quick video and review of the Tech 21 Impact Mesh case for the GS 4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom product photo revealed

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is making it into your pocket. That is, if it can fit. The awkward shape of the new phone, revealed in this newly leaked and possibly fake photo may suggest otherwise however. But while its looks may not win everyone over, as they say with true love "It's what's inside that counts most".

Apple patents curved battery tech – so much for a Nexus smartwatch

Today we're learning that the folks up at Apple headquarters have just secured another patent that could be a huge deal in our mobile future. Apple has just patented some form of "curved battery" technology. With mobile devices growing to all shapes and sizes, and wearable computing (like Google Glass) taking off, this could be a big win for Apple in the courtroom.

Motorola: digital tattoos and vitamin authentication pills are the future

At the big D11 conference yesterday we learned a lot about Google and Motorola's plans. Obviously a lot of their focus is on the upcoming Motorola X-Phone, but the company is also looking into the future too. With wearable computing like Google Glass and beyond quickly approaching our daily lives, Motorola wants to be at the front of the pack with many new technologies. Things like digital tattoos and even pills that you can swallow to replace your passwords.

LG aims for unified design and improved hardware in 2014

There has been a lot of talk lately from media and consumers alike about build quality and materials in their smartphones, tablets, and any other electronic device. The outcry for Samsung to use something other than cheap plastic in their flagship phones is one, and we've seen plenty praise HTC for their all aluminum and cutting-edge designs on the HTC One. Where does LG fit in? Read on to find out what they have planned.

Student wins science fair with 30-second phone battery charger

This year at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair a surprising invention from one teen student stunned the crowd, yet only came in second place. What would that be? A new way to recharge a cellphone battery completely in only 20-30 seconds. Sounds amazing right? 18-year-old Eesha Khare from Saratoga California, came in second place with this invention of a supercapacitor that can charge a battery very quick.
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