Smart Garbage Bins to be turned into WiFi Hotspots in NYC

Who would have though that you can turn something smelly into something beneficial? That is what the people in the city of New York can expect as their already smart garbage bins may soon be turned into free WiFi hotspots as well. We don’t know if it would actually be hygienic to stand beside garbage bins if only to have a free online connection for a few minutes, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers right?

Improve life in cities through tech with Google’s Sidewalk Labs

Anyone who lives or has ever lived in a city knows that it isn't the easiest place to be in. But because of necessity or because people buy into the "romanticized" idea of it, people are still trooping to urban areas in large numbers. This has led to a lot of problems and issues, and Google believes some of them can be solved by tech. Hence, the announcement of their new company, Sidewalk Labs, which aims to improve life in the city through technology.

Samsung 5G service hits 7.5 Gbps in testing

Samsung has announced that it has achieved a major milestone in its testing of future tech for 5G mobile phone service. In testing, the new 5G mobile data service has achieved speeds of over 7.5 Gbps. That speed is over 30 times faster than current generation 4G LTE service. Samsung achieved record setting speed in moving tests with an uninterrupted 1.2Gbps over a 5G connection while traveling in a vehicle at 100m/h.

Smartphone microscope uses a small glass sphere for lens

Microscopes that are used in labs and educational institutes around the world are expensive devices. They are also typically rather large and bulky meaning that they can’t easily be taken into the field for work on site in many instances. A new and inexpensive smartphone attachment has been designed that can turn your mobile device into a microscope on the cheap.

Samsung’s Smart Bike to keep cyclists safe on the road

Smartphones. Smart watches. Smart cars. With everything from wearable gadgets to automobiles becoming smarter and connected, the market is slowly becoming crowded. But Samsung has found an area that hasn’t been saturated yet and it is something that environmentally conscious and safety focused people would appreciate: the Smart Bike.

LG Smart Lamp brings a little intelligence to bulbs

LG has just revealed one of its little incursions into the smart home territory. Unveiling what it simply calls the Smart Lamp, these Bluetooth-enabled bulbs are designed to give a touch of automation and tech savvy into homes without the need to replace existing bulb fixtures.

Snoopy drone can be used to spy on mobile users

If you thought drones, especially those that can be used to deliver your packages, were cool, you might want to think again when you learn about their other potential uses. A couple of folks at the Black Hat Asia conference in Singapore are set to demonstrate how they can steal user login credentials and more using a drone named Snoopy.

Artemis pCell technology promises wireless connectivity at fiber speeds

Mobile devices are becoming more and more ubiquitous. But with the surge in number of smartphones and tablets, on top of laptops and even home computers, the current network infrastructure is being overloaded beyond its capacity. Enter pCell from Artemis Networks, a new kind of wireless technology which, if proven to be successful, is nothing short of revolutionary.
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