OPPO N1 teaser brings hints of exterior lines

As we had been expecting, OPPO has shared another teaser video for the N1 smartphone. This latest teaser mirrors what we have been seeing with the earlier videos. Basically, that is to say the video is short and offers little in terms of solid details. Then again, it does appear as if OPPO has shown the overall shape of the handset.

OPPO N1 teasing continues ahead of upcoming announcement

OPPO has recently shared the latest teaser for the N1 smartphone. This arrives as trailer #3 and measures in at just 28 seconds in length. This video fits firmly into the teaser category and while it does leave us wanting to see a bit more -- we do have to remember the official announcement will be coming fairly soon. In fact, OPPO has already said they will be unveiling the N1 smartphone on September 23rd.

LG G Pad 8.3 teaser promises a tablet “just right for you”

An LG executive previously confirmed the company was working on a tablet and while we have yet to see a proper announcement for the device it does look like the teasing has begun. LG has recently posted a short teaser video for the LG G Pad 8.3. That part does give a solid clue as to the device size, but otherwise it looks like it is being promised as a device that will be "just right for you."

Oppo N1 smartphone teased with backside touch controls

The LG G2 isn't the only device coming out later this year that will feature an unorthodox design for the button layout. Backside touch controls is a new approach with fingerprint scanners, sensors, volume control, and other possibilities. The popular manufacturer Oppo has been throwing around hints about their upcoming N1 camera phone, and we've just received a few more this week.

Motorola continues the Moto X smartphone teasing

Motorola seems to have been doing a fine job of keeping people talking about the Moto X smartphone. The official launch event is scheduled for tomorrow, August 1st, and it looks like they are going to continue the teasing right up until that kicks off. We have seen more than a few Moto X related teasers coming from the Motorola Twitter account and today appears to be no different.

HTC teases the One mini, hints at unveiling tomorrow

We know the HTC One mini is coming. In fact we've seen countless leaks of the hardware, software, and everything else in between. All we need at this point is some official details right from HTC themselves, followed by a release date. While we're still waiting for HTC to reveal the device, today the company is teasing something "little" coming tomorrow over on Twitter.

Motorola teases the “design yourself” Moto X smartphone

Motorola recently revealed a new logo, one that touts itself as being "A Google Company" and while that was interesting to see, it looks like we are now getting a look at that logo in action. The new logo will be appearing on a new advertisement set to hit newspapers on July 3rd. That advertisement is for the Moto X smartphone, though we will offer this warning right in the beginning -- it doesn't contain any images of the handset.
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