HTC teases the One mini, hints at unveiling tomorrow

We know the HTC One mini is coming. In fact we've seen countless leaks of the hardware, software, and everything else in between. All we need at this point is some official details right from HTC themselves, followed by a release date. While we're still waiting for HTC to reveal the device, today the company is teasing something "little" coming tomorrow over on Twitter.

Motorola teases the “design yourself” Moto X smartphone

Motorola recently revealed a new logo, one that touts itself as being "A Google Company" and while that was interesting to see, it looks like we are now getting a look at that logo in action. The new logo will be appearing on a new advertisement set to hit newspapers on July 3rd. That advertisement is for the Moto X smartphone, though we will offer this warning right in the beginning -- it doesn't contain any images of the handset.

Angry Birds GO racing game quietly teased

While all the hype in new racing games from Microsoft and Sony with their respective launches of brand new consoles is enough to make our eyes bleed in succulent happiness, the idea of a new Angry Birds game that involves racing certainly can't be overlooked. If it's to be as comedic as previous Angry Birds titles, it'll be sure to be a blast, and may even (in some way) be the perfect time killer for those taking a break from all the realism that the aforementioned big companies provide.

Acer video teases upcoming tablets from Computex 2013

We have been seeing a lot of teaser videos lately for the annual Computex 2013 event coming up shortly, and today Acer has joined in on the action. Today they've released a new teaser video for the event that's quite funny, while also hinting at some possible Android/Windows hybrid tablets. Teasing us with tablets covered in an Android-green cloth, and that's all we get.

Samsung posts Galaxy S IV teaser ahead of Unpacked event

We know Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S IV on March 14, however aside from rumors, leaked benchmarks and other unofficial details, there is not much that is officially known about the handset. Samsung has recently dropped a teaser video ahead of the Unpacked event, however it keeps to the point of being a teaser. In other words, it builds some additional hype without revealing any additional details.

Samsung invites everyone to the Galaxy S IV announcement

We had already seen the press invite for the Samsung Unpacked event on March 14. Given the use of the "4" and based on the countless rumors and leaks, it seems to go without saying that this will be for the unveiling of the Galaxy S IV. Press invite aside though, Samsung has recently invited everyone to see the announcement. Based on the invite that was posted on the Samsung Mobile Twitter account, the company will also be holding an event in Times Square.

HTC continues teasing ahead of the One announcement

The leaks surrounding the HTC M7 were fast and furious and eventually we saw that name change to the HTC One. We also saw that chatter switch from being leaks and rumors to teasing from HTC. In fact, they have been posting a steady stream of teasers on their official @HTC Twitter account. The most recent teaser image can be seen below.
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