DROID RAZR torn down by iFixIt and Motorola

Have you been wondering how Motorola crammed so much high-end hardware into the DROID RAZR's slim frame, especially considering its beefy battery and LTE radio? Well so have the folks at iFixIt, only they have the expertise to tear apart that Kevlar case without destroying the goodies within. They've done their customary teardown, albeit with some non-standard tools - I'm told on good authority that that wicked little tool below is a Japanese carpentry saw called a dozuki.

Acer Iconia Smart S300 4.8″ smartphone clears the FCC, gets a teardown

The Acer Iconia Smart has just cleared the FCC and is headed our way soon. Spotted at the FCC getting a little teardown we now get to see a few of the internals of this huge 4.8" phone-tablet hybrid from Acer. It was first announced back in February and we even have some hands-on video from MWC2011 of the device, it's a unique smartphone that is for sure. Back in May it was delayed and the last we heard it was slated for a September release. At least it's finally hitting the FCC, we can expect a release shortly I'm assuming.

Sony Tablet S teardown: wedge shape reveals unique hardware

The Sony Tablet S was built in the shape of a wedge to fit the hands of users and to provide them with a form factor that they would be comfortable with using for extended periods of time. The center of gravity of the hardware is focused more heavily towards the thicker edge, where the user's palm would be when holding the device. The teardown of the device reveals some structural differences from the typical Android tablet to accommodate the design.

Samsung Epic 4G Touch gets the iFixit teardown treatment

iFixit is back with another teardown of an extremely popular smartphone, that being the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (aka SGSIIE4GT). They tear out that beautiful 4.52" AMOLED display and get down to the goods under the beautiful design of the Galaxy S II. From Wi-Fi radios and internal flash storage and more here is where you get to see if the inside is as beautiful as the outside. Check out all the photos after the break.

Motorola DROID Bionic gets shredded in an iFixIt teardown

Now that this week as well as the past month we've seen every side and angle imaginable of the Droid Bionic how about we take a look at the inside. I've always wanted to inside of something that "rules all machines" and today thanks to the popular iFixIt we have a full teardown treatment of the DROID Bionic.

Motorola XOOM teardown reveals EVDO/HSPA+ World Modem

Motorola's XOOM tablet has suffered the screwless indignities of the teardown, with iFixit taking the 10.1-inch Honeycomb slate apart for the unblinking gaze of the camera. The freshly rooted tablet is unsurprisingly straightforward to open - considering that's something Motorola will be doing a lot of, while replacing the 3G modem with a 4G version later in the year - and reveals what iFixit describes as a blank "mini-PCI interconnect board" which seems to be a placeholder for the 4G modem. Interestingly, the XOOM uses the same Qualcomm MDM6600 3G radio as Verizon's iPhone 4, which as you may remember is potentially world-phone capable (the radio, that is, not the iPhone 4). That could imply that the HSPA+ capable chipset won't be changed out for the GSM versions of the XOOM, merely have its GSM capabilities unlocked through software/firmware. In the end, iFixit have glowing things to say about the XOOM's repairability, though they do warn that there are a lot of screws to get past in order to access all of the different components. For more on the performance of the XOOM, rather than the hardware inside, check out the Android Community XOOM and Honeycomb Review.

Notion Ink Adam torn down by FCC

Like a bunch of you, we were excited at the prospect of the Adam tablet from Notion Ink. The thing looks really cool and has nice features. We were bummed that it kept getting delayed along the way to market though. Those delays finally disappeared not too long ago and the tablet landed in the hands of buyers all over the place.

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone gets pre-launch teardown

Sony Ericsson still won't admit that the PlayStation Phone is real, so we're guessing the handset that has just been torn down in China is a mirage. TGBus didn't stop at snapping the XPERIA Play with some of its predecessors; they also whipped out the screwdrivers and opened the handset up. No great surprises inside, with a Qualcomm MSM7x30 chipset and Broadcom wireless. We're expecting Sony Ericsson to (sheepishly) make this gaming smartphone official at MWC 2011 next month. [via Engadget]

Dell Streak 7 torn down on video

The Dell Streak 7 is an interesting sounding little tablet computer that was shown off at CES. The machine has a 7-inch screen and runs Android 2.2. The choice of the older OS was a big question in many minds when the other new tablets at the show were landing with Android 3.0.
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