Tapatalk 4 public beta arrives in the Google Play Store

It looks like we once again have a publicly available Tapatalk beta to play with. This latest is available by way of the Google Play Store and has arrived as Tapatalk 4. We suspect the Tapatalk name will be familiar for many, however for those who may not be as familiar -- this is the app you will want if you find yourself browsing community forums from your smartphone or tablet.

Tapatalk HD Beta now available from Google Play

Tapatalk HD for Android tablets was released as an open beta back in October. The catch with that release though, the app had to be downloaded from the Tapatalk support fourms and sideloaded. But as of today it looks like that has changed -- Tapatalk HD Beta is now available from the Google Play Store.

Tapatalk HD for Android Tablets released as open beta

If you're like many and use the popular app Tapatalk for your browsing method of choice when checking out awesome Android forums like ours -- or any other forum -- then you'll surely want to check out the brand new Tapatalk HD. It has been available for iOS for a while now, but they are finally prepared to release an HD app for Android tablets, and you can get it today.