ASUS Padfone pre-orders start in Taiwan, going on sale April 20th

If there's one device that's caught the imaginations of those looking for a real shift in the mobile space, it's the ASUS Padfone. This docking ICS phone/tablet/netbook combo has wowed onlookers since the concept was introduced last summer. ASUS showed off a production device at Mobile World Congress and vowed to ship in April, and it looks like they're sticking to that for their home territory of Taiwan. Residents can begin placing pre-orders for the Ice Cream Sandwich phone tomorrow, and it's set to ship on April 20th.

HTC One X gets a Deluxe Edition in Taiwan with Beats headphones

What makes a quad-core flagship phone from one of the biggest Android manufacturers in the world even more special? A pair of Beats headphones, of course. HTC has announced a new Deluxe Limited Edition of the upcoming HTC One X smartphone for the Taiwanese market, with exclusive retail packaging and an included set of Beats Solo headphones. The pre-order price for the package is 24,900 TWD, which converts to around $840 dollars. For comparison, the HTC One X itself will be the equivalent $780 including taxes when it launches in the UK, and the Beats Solo headphones currently retail for about $180.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Ice Cream Sandwich update is live in Taiwan

Yesterday Asus assured its UK customers that the Android 4.0 upgrade for the original Eee Pad Transformer Prime was still on schedule for a February release, and today it looks like the update rollout is beginning. Asus Taiwan posted on their official Facebook page that Transformer TF101 owners in Asus' home country of Taiwan would start seeing automatic updates begin today, with other territories to follow soon after. Localization for other markets may take some time, but by the look of things it should indeed be before the end of the month.

Galaxy S II gets a pink makeover in Taiwan

Pink phones have gone out of the mainstream here in the US, at least as far as iPhones are concerned. Don't worry, you can still cover your iPhone in as much pink leather and "real" Swarovski crystals as you'd like at half a dozen carts at you local mall - you too, ladies. But as far as actual phones go, you're pretty much restricted to white or black these days. But if you live in Taiwan, you've got a new option if you like the Galaxy S II as much as we do: Samsung has released the pink version of the international phone in the market.

HTC Announces New COO, Matthew Costello

About a week ago HTC confirmed the adding of Chief Operating Officer Matthew Costello. More than likely the only other place you've ever heard of this man is as the Vice President of Global Operations at Sony Ericsson. Exciting news for HTC! Costello will hold this post over in Taiwan, and will be in charge of manufacturing, sourcing, supply chains, customer service, and technology infrastructure.

Google rewards Android devs with free phones

Google sent out email’s earlier today to a select group of Android developers informing them that they are eligible to receive either a Verizon Droid or a Nexus One, as part of its ‘Device Seeding Program’. Developer’s of applications that has more than 5,000 downloads and a rating of 3.5 stars or higher qualify for one of these two Android devices.

Android expands to Taiwan

Google has confirmed that they have set up a team to provide technical support for the Android operating system in Taiwan. Presently, the support will be only for phones and declined the support will extend to low-cost Netbooks.

Taiwan may get the G1 in first half 2009

Rumors have been flying around a lot lately in regards to other countries either getting the G1, or getting their very own Android-powered handset. The newest rumor that we have overheard is that Taiwan may be getting the T-Mobile G1 in the first half of 2009. So far only the T-mobile G1 has only been released in the US and the UK, even though parts f China are importing them. According to a Chinese commercial, HTC will be shipping the G1 along with the Touch HD to the Asia-pacific region in the first half of 2009.  As of right now this is all just a rumor, HTC has not commented on this statement. Do you think there is a large enough market in Taiwan? [Via Digitimes]
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