ASUS Eee Pad MeMO ME171 on sale in Taiwan

Remember the Eee Pad MeMO ME 171? You know, ASUS' 7-inch stylus-equipped device, which was spotted over a year ago and mysteriously popped up again at CES? Well, that little guy is finally on sale in ASUS' home territory of Taiwan. Netbook News picked one up for the price of 17,500 New Taiwan Dollars, or $585 US, and apparently the 7-inch slate has been given no press fanfare - it's just sitting in Taiwanese electronics retailers, waiting for unsuspecting consumers to pick one up. What gives? Android fans, take note: this is a different device than the much-anticipated MeMO 370T, which is still in tablet limbo somewhere.

ASUS Padfone pre-orders start in Taiwan, going on sale April 20th

If there's one device that's caught the imaginations of those looking for a real shift in the mobile space, it's the ASUS Padfone. This docking ICS phone/tablet/netbook combo has wowed onlookers since the concept was introduced last summer. ASUS showed off a production device at Mobile World Congress and vowed to ship in April, and it looks like they're sticking to that for their home territory of Taiwan. Residents can begin placing pre-orders for the Ice Cream Sandwich phone tomorrow, and it's set to ship on April 20th.
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