Motorola Olympus/Everest may be two different tablets

There have been some rumors and hints floating around recently pointing to an Android smartphone called the Motorola Olympus under development. A new product that surfaced recently called the Motorola Everest makes some think that rather than smartphones, these two devices might actually be Android tablets.

Android Community Week In Review – Week 37 2010

This week here at Android Community has been another exciting week. With Samsung announcing the Galaxy Tab for the US market, Android’s market share continuing to surge, and game developers becoming more interested in the Android platform.

Velocity Micro Cruz Reader and Cruz Tablet Available for Pre-Order

It's been a little while since we've heard from Velocity Micro. Their Tablet and Reader were a notable topic a few months back, but since then they seemed to just drop off the map entirely. Apparently they were hard at work on making their devices the real deal, because Velocity Micro has just announced that the pair of Android-powered devices are available for pre-order right now.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Spotted in the Wild Again, This Time in Australia

Anyone out there still think that the Galaxy Tab, the Android-powered Galaxy S-inspired tablet from Samsung doesn't exist? This is, what, the second or third time (total) that we've now seen the tablet pop up in the wild. We're expecting an official announcement any day now from Samsung, but until then we've got to keep staring at these photos. Except, just to make it all the more tantalizing, we've now got some video of the device being used.

Dell Streak Heading to Asia in 2011

The Dell Streak may have been a new commodity here in the States, with a recent roll-out, but it's been in Europe for a little while now. That doesn't really help those in Asia-Pacific, though. If you're in that neck of the woods, and you've been eager to get your hands on one, the only real option would be to buy one unlocked in Europe, which also entails the full retail price. But, it may pay off to be a bit patient, as a Dell executive has just provided a little insight into the release of the tablet/MID for that market.

Acer Waiting for Android 3.0 to Launch Tablet

The rumors about an Acer tablet aren't necessarily rumors, anymore, we don't imagine. The company has come out and shown an Android tablet, after all. With that announcement, though, was the revelation that the tablet would launch with Android 2.2. Nothing wrong with that, more or less, but when the public already knows there's a newer version of Android on the way (set to be unveiled later this year), you can see why manufacturers might want to wait to get the latest software before they release a product. And, according to this new report, that's exactly what's happening.

Dell Streak Ripped Apart by iFixIt

There's a few folks out there that, when they get a shiny new toy, immediately want to take it apart and find out all the cool little intricacies of the device. Find out how it ticks, more or less. And, most of them work for iFixIt. The group that's become notorious for ripping apart shiny new gadgets, and detailing what exactly makes them so noteworthy, has done it again. And this time, the Dell Streak made it under their fingers.

Toshiba Android Tablet Launching by October

Tablets are the new thing now-a-days, and it looks like Toshiba is getting ready to launch themselves into the market. And, of course, Android will play a big role in it, too. According to DigiTimes, who are getting their information from particular Taiwan-based manufacturers, Toshiba is getting ready to launch their own tablet, set to hit the shelves no later than this October.

Notion Ink Adam Getting SDK Called Genesis

One of the most talked about tablets out there, even if it isn't released, is Notion Ink's Adam. It's a full-featured tablet that, on more than one occasion, has been said to be the true iPad killer. One aspect of that is the implementation of Android underneath the hood. And, even if there have been plenty of set-backs for the company, from both investors and manufacturing standpoints, the company still plans on releasing the product some time this year. With that in mind, they've even formulated a Software Developer Kit (SDK).

Archos A28 Tablet Passes Through FCC

The Archos branded tablets keep on comin'. While news of the Archos 32 just broke not too long ago, apparently there was another tablet taking the FCC journey at the same time. The Archos A28 tablet is, actually, not a tablet at all, shockingly enough. In point of fact, it looks like Archos is making a cell phone -- even if they are still going to label it a tablet, even after it launches.
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