Google States Honeycomb is a Tablet Operating System

One of the biggest mysteries of the Honeycomb operating system was if it would also be available for smaller devices such as phones. After the initial walkthrough at this year's CES, it seemed that it might be able to function on a smaller screen, but an unnamed Google spokesperson has contradicted what we've heard and stated "...right now, [Honeycomb] is a tablet operating system."

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: December 15th 2010

It's the 16th of December and as we near the holidays and the end of the year, news is somewhat slow, we expect this to fully change come January with CES 2011. Have you not entered our Google Cr-48 giveaway? You might want to get on that as, if you win, you'll be one of the first to experience the Chrome OS on the Cr-48 before its launch. For the rest of the news covered here at Android Community, check below!

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: December 14th 2010

It has been quite a busy day here at Android Community. First and foremost, we're giving away two Google Cr-48 notebooks! If you win, you'll will be among the first group of people to get their hands on a Chrome OS notebook, as many notebooks aren't expected to hit shelves until mid 2011. We also posted our full review of the Samsung Nexus S, which is proving to be quite the device. For the rest of the news covered here at Android Community, check out the list below!

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: December 13th 2010

While the Android community starts to shift it's focus to tablets as Honeycomb is the new "mystery" device news has been quite slow. We saw a few FCC listings, followed by the ultra-lux Galaxy tab and quite a few other software releases. Check after the break for all of the stories covered on Android Community Monday, December 13th 2010.

Notion Ink Adam Full Details

Oh hooray forever on top of a mountain, Notion Ink Adam's day for pre-order has arrived. Low price for basic models, Honeycomb yumminess, details on the launch, global pricing, colors, UI, Apps, NFC, Digitizer, Mystery Feature, and more! Behold the mighty object, a place where Google's Android system can run wild and free and smell all the daffodils. Full rundown go!

SlashGear Gets their Hands On an Advent Vega

Unboxing, hooray! Chris Davies over on SlashGear got one of the coveted Advent Vega tablets in the mail today, lucky lucky, since the place everyone's more than likely to buy them from, DSG, can't keep them from flying off the shelves each time they put them up. This device costs a mere $389 aproximately, and comes with a wall-wart AC adapter, USB cable, quick-start guide, and SD card adapter that you can use with an included 4GB microSD.

Motorola Tips 4G Devices Early 2011 Including Two Tablets

Sanjay Jha, one of Motorola's co-CEOs, told the world at the Credit Suisse 2010 Technology Conference this week that they definitely will have 4G devices ready and in the marketplace early 2011. Additionally, a 7-inch and a 10-inch tablet are "in the pipeline." Also he mentions that Motorola is looking to customize their software in order to differentiate their tablets from the rest of the tablets in the tablet wars, marking enterprise and retail as specific areas for improvement.

NOOKcolor Rooted!

Looks like those crazy cats over at XDA Forums are at it again, this time with everyone's favorite new color e-reader, NOOKcolor! And what did they do? They rooted it, of course, allowing the loading of, what else? Angry Birds! It seems to be the new anthem for "I GOT THIS WORKING!" There's great potential in this device, as we wrote earlier today in our final judgements on NOOKcolor over at A Week With NOOKcolor: 3rd Party Apps and Final Wrap-up. As XDA forum member IOMonster says, and I agree, "this thing has the potential to be an amazing device, we just gotta 'fix' it first."
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