Google Pixel C hands-on: a wonderfully strange Android tablet

Well, there you have it folks! Google does have another high-resolution Pixel device and one that runs Android instead of Chrome OS. We're still not sure what the "C" in its name stands for, but the Pixel C is undeniably Google's attempt to make an Android tablet that is fit for work. Or for text input to be exact. Coming with a keyboard dock that magnetically latches on to the tablet part, the Pixel C might yet be the most premium 2-in-1 Android tablet in the market.

Amazon Fire HD 10: Largest, thinnest but not Bezos’ best

Finally, we got our hands on the new Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet. It's the thinnest tablet from the e-commerce company so far that we're actually interested to know how soon this baby will go out of stock. You see, the price of a little over $200 makes it one attractive piece, at least, for the Android community who's now getting spoiled with affordable devices but already with good enough specs.

New ZTE large screen device shows up at GFXBench, possible Axon tablet

We like GFXBench leaks, because it gives us a lot of details about a device, barely leaving anything out except for a coded name. Of course, GFXBench leaks do not always translate into real world devices. They can also be just that – prototype benchmarks. But what’s your bet on a large screen tablet coming out from ZTE? Good odds there, probably. Let’s look at the specs from this benchmark.

Verizon rolls out 4G LTE-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab E

There are probably hundreds to thousands of models of tablets from different manufacturers all over the world but admit it or not, you trust only a few names. In the Android world, Samsung offers some of the most reliable tablets because of their build, design, and features. Samsung Galaxy Tabs are no doubt the more popular today and Verizon is bringing us the latest Tab E.

KD Interactive intros new Xtreme 2 Android tablet

The mere mention of Kurio means kid-friendly to some people. Although the word actually means "lord" or "master" in Greek, a Kurio tablet or Kurio phone could very well lead any child using the device. We haven't heard much from KD Interactive since the Kurio Phone and Kurio 7x 4G LTE tablet were added to the child-friendly lineup early last year but now, we're learning about the new Kurio Xtreme 2 Android tablet.

Enjoy HDTV on an MJ Technology Android Tablet with HDTV Tuner [DEALS]

Tablets are great for watching videos, especially streaming content usually delivered via Wi-Fi. But there are just some times when you wish you could also enjoy the same freedom of mobility with over the air TV. If that's the case with you, then you might enjoy MJ Technology's special Android tablet. This little slab has a built-in TV tuner that lets you breathe in the HDTV air waves, allowing you to enjoy TV entertainment without being tethered to cables and even without a Wi-Fi connection.

Amazon’s new Fire: a $50 tablet, comes with a Kids Edition

Looks like the rumors for once again spot on. Amazon has just unleashed a flood of new devices, which included its largest Fire tablet yet. Along with that, however, is also its cheapest. Undercutting even its own Kindle e-readers, the new Fire, no HD here, is the rumored $50 tablet, probably the cheapest to come from a reputable brand. But wait, there's more! There's also a Fire Kids Edition that adds some peace of mind for parents with ruggedness and child-friendly content, but at double the price.

New Fire HD generation has Amazon’s biggest tablet yet

Amazon is once again turning heads, but this time probably in a better way than its ill-fated Fire Phone. It has a new batch of Android-based Fire HD tablets but now they come with a twist. For the first time, the Fire HD is getting an 8-inch member of the family, but it is not the biggest yet. For the first time as well, Amazon is putting out a 10.1-inch slate, almost literally stretching its customized Android experience to the limits, but without stretching your budget.
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