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Nexus 7: Top 5 games for your new tablet

It's here! Google's hotly anticipated first production tablet, the Nexus 7 is finally landing in users hands this week (and late last week too.) Now that you've got an impressive 7-inch tablet with a powerful NVIDIA quad-core processor under the hood we figured you'd like to know of a few games worth checking out. Here's some of our absolute favorites that work great on the Nexus 7.

Android Community Quick App Review: Racing Moto

I was browsing through the market recently and stumbled on this great time-waster and its called Racing Moto. I spotted it on the Honeycomb app list and quickly gave it a try on my Android tablet. While it works and plays great on Honeycomb the 10.1" display does make the graphics get a little degraded but it looks and plays very similar on a smartphone and is super addictive.

Android Community App of the Week – Biofrenzy: Frag The Zombies! [Video]

Today I have decided to show you guys this awesome game called Biofrenzy: Frag The Zombies! This is one sweet game for Android tablets, it runs and looks great on the larger 10" screen and the graphics are just stunning and extremely fluid thanks to the NVIDIA dual-core processor in Honeycomb tablets these days. I've made a quick video and hands-on for you all to enjoy and watch before you dive in because it does cost around $2.00 so I figured you'd like a preview first.