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Need some new tablet apps? Here are a few favorites

As 2013 morphs into 2014, we started discussing tablet apps, and which we use around here at Android Community. Which apps are in heavy use, and why? With Google making a point to focus on tablet apps, design and utility have been crucial points of contention this year. Some make the grade, others just don’t hold water. Some are pretty bland offerings, while others subtly impress. The choices here might surprise you, so read on to find more. Though the choices are personal, I think you’ll find a few gems here. We've also linked the headers to the Play Store app, so feel free to click them if you find something you like.

Google Play update brings improved screenshots for tablet-sized apps

A recently announced update will bring nicer looking screenshots for tablet-sized apps. Of course, these will not be seen until app developers begin uploading new screenshots, however it does give users something to look forward to seeing come available. Basically, Google is now allowing Android app developers to upload screenshots in one of three sizes -- phone, 7-inch tablet and 10-inch tablet.

Google posts ‘Featured apps for Tablets’ list with over 130 suggestions

Today the folks from Mountain View are back at it showing all of us Android faithful just how good their tablet app selection really is. We all know that Android's tablet app list isn't the biggest or the best, but with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich blending the OS the amount of quality tablet apps is on the rise. Check out the updated staff picks by Google below.

DirecTV launches Android tablet app, forgets to support the Nexus 7

Despite the fact that DirecTV has had an Android app available for some time now. And not even counting the bit about them having an app available for the iPhone and iPad -- they have finally released a tablet intended for Android users. The app, which is dubbed DirecTV for Tablets can be found in the Google Play Store, however some Android tablet users may not be able to use the app.

Google pushing for Android developers to pay more attention to tablets

The Samsung-made Nexus 10 is certainly a feast for the eyes, especially with that beautiful 2560x1600 display. There's just one problem: there aren't many Android developers who fine tune their apps for use on tablets. Instead of making a version of their app for Android tablets, a number of developers will just blow up their smartphone apps, which doesn't exactly make for the prettiest of experiences. Google is looking to change that, urging developers to focus on the tablet experience when it comes to their apps.

Gamefly’s GameQ magazine app now available

If you don't know what Gamefly is, think "Netflix for video games" and you've got it right away. Like some game stores, Gamefly has launched its own gaming publication, which it's calling GameQ. Stop me if I'm going too fast for you. The magazine is available in digital format as an Android app, and it's a free download even for those who don't subscribe to the service.

Baldur’s Gate may journey to Android soon

If you've played an American RPG on your PC or console in the last fifteen years, odds are pretty good that it was Baldur's Gate or one of its sequels. The original game came from BioWare, of Mass Effect fame, and went on to define its genre for much of the 2000s. Indie publisher Beamdog recently told an inquisitive player that they were considering bringing the RPG series to Android, after recently announcing Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition for the iPad. For the uninitiated, Baldur's Gate was an attempt to bring the Forgotten Realms tabletop role-playing game (based on Dungeons and Dragons) to the world of video games. Instead of turn-based combat, it relies on a real-time combat system that can be paused at any time. The overhead isometric viewpoint is designed to allow for fantasy settings and elements while keeping the traditional token-based perspective of tabletop gaming. Incidentally, it would also be pretty awesome for a tablet. Think of it as a more structured, paced version of Diablo. This is a long way from a confirmation, but an Android version seems like a natural progression for the small developer. The interface probably wouldn't lend itself towards play on a smartphone (not without some serious work, anyway) but some of the larger Android phones might be able to handle it. The iPad app is scheduled for release this summer, so at the very earliest it would be late fall before Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition might make it to Android. A good way to bring it a little faster might be contacting the developer and distributor ( and telling them how much you want it. [via DroidGamers]

Android Community App of the Week: Craigslist HD for Tablets

Welcome to Android Community's App of the Week, where we highlight an outstanding app that you should know about, but probably don't. There were a lot of solid new apps this week, and of course the conclusion of Google's 10 Billion Apps promotion. But one app that I've been relying on heavily for a while and which deserves your attention is Craigslist HD for Tablets. If you've got a Honeycomb tablet and a nearby Craigslist hub, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.
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