T-Mobile Prism 3G

T-Mobile (Huawei) Prism on sale now for $20

Need an Android phone for not much dough? Live in a reliable T-Mobile 3G area? Then you might want to consider the "T-Mobile" Prism, Huawei's latest de-branded device for the American carrier. The Prism is low-end in every sense of the word, but that doesn't necessarily mean bad - and the low-end is moving forward nearly as fast as flagship devices are. The biggest improvement here is the 3.5-inch 480x320 touchscreen, markedly larger and sharper than the 3.2-inch screens that typify the category.  

T-Mobile Prism 3G from Huawei costs just $20

Get your blood pumping: it's time for a brand-new phone announcement from T-Mobile! Now get your heart rate down again, because it's an entry-level 3G phone. All joking aside, T-Mobile in particular should find plenty of customers for its new Prism 3G phone, which is manufactured by Huawei but gets no love from Magenta when it comes to branding. The Prism will cost $19.99 after a $50 mail in rebate (curses!) or $149.99 commitment-free when it launches later this month.