T-Mobile G2 hits stores the end of January with video calling! [Updated]

Well we called it, the new Android-powered handset that is coming to T-Mobile will appropriately be called the T-mobile G2. With the T-Mobile G2 there is plenty to get excited about.  The new Android-powered handset will have many features including 3G, full Touchscreen Enterprise capabilities. CellphoneSignal brought "leaked" specs but without any pictures which we find odd. What else could you want in a phone? How about a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash that goes great with video messaging? Now that we’ve got your attention, we will tell you about the microSD card slot that doesn’t stop you at 8GB, but gives you the full 16GB capability so this handset can creep up on the iPhone in terms of available storage.  You will still get the features you have grown fond of, such as picture messaging (MMS), wireless backup and Stereo Bluetooth (for those who miss it). Your going to have the basic T-Mobile services such as Web2Go and MyFaves. Word on the street is the T-Mobile G2 will be hitting T-mobile retail locations the end of January 2009. The T-Mobile G2 will also be the first T-Mobile phone with video calling. With no pictures we can't help but think something is a miss.

Editor’s note: Of course the rumor of the T-Mobile G2 is completely bogus!  As with any breaking news or rumors, there’s very little time for fact checking and unfortunately this is the world we live in.

I admit that Shawn was slightly overzealous with the story (and that's what make him the perfect editor).  That being said, I fully support and back him on this piece.  Android Community does not owe any of you “displeased” visitors one f-ing apology.  Those of you claiming AC should be ashamed for running this story --- well I guess you can say the same for countless other major publications starting with Mobile Crunch, Michael Gartenberg of Media Bistro or ZDNET.

So here's the bottom line, if you’re not satisfied with our coverage, I’ve said it before in the community and I’ll repeat it here ---- you’re welcome to visit other Android sites, Android Community isn’t the only Android news / community source on the web!  One last thing, feel free to email us your member ID (androidcommunity @ gmail.com) and we’ll be more than happy to delete it from the system.

-Vincent Nguyen

Here is a full list of the available features that the tipster has provided us:
  • Android OS
  • 3G capable ( where available)
  • Full touch Screen
  • Enterprise Capable
  • WiFi capable ( no word about UMA)
  • 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus and flash
  • Address Book
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • EDGE and GPRS
  • Games
  • Instant Messaging
  • Megatones, HI-Fi tones and wallpapers
  • Memory card Slot ( up to 16GB)
  • Mobile Backup
  • Music and Video Player
  • Phone Book
  • Photo Caller ID
  • Picture Messaging
  • Real web browsing
  • Speakerphone
  • Speed dial
  • Stereo Bluetooth connectivity ( finally)
  • Sync with PC ( better than air sync)
  • Task list
  • USB interface
  • Video capture and playback
  • Video Messaging
  • Voice Dialing
  • myFaves capable and T-Zones (web2go)
[Via CellphoneSignal]

Android coming to the HTC Touch HD?

Two unrelated sources tipped off PhoneDog stating that T-Mobile is already prepping a version of HTC’s Touch HD to be their next Android-powered handset. Many Android Community members have expressed their wishes for the HTC Touch HD to become an Android-powered device.

While one of the sources is a tipster that likes to pass along anything interesting they may hear, the other apparently has a pretty decent track record when it comes to leaking upcoming handset information accurately. Neither of the sources are part of HTC or T-Mobile. The HTC Touch HD, not be confused with the HTC Touch Pro, has specs similar to the G1. The Touch HD would make a perfect Android-powered handset to compete with the leading phones in the US. The Touch HD is most noted for having a large display that beats even the iPhone 3G. Boasting a large 3.8-inch TFT-LCD flat touch-sensitive screen with 480 x 800 WVGA resolution, this phone is easily one of the best to look at.  However HTC today revealed that they would not be bringing the Touch HD to the US, as it lacks US-spec 3G and they feel the device would be outdated by the time it could be re-engineered. Picture provided by Android Community member heyitsnan. [Via PhoneDog]

T-Mobile USA Update On T-Mobile G1 Pre-Launch Availability

Here's the latest official response from T-Mobile pertaining to the T-Mobile G1 pre-launch availability.  If you didn't pre-order the T-Mobile G1, you are now OFFICIALLY SOL.

Given the great anticipation and the heavy pre-sale demand for the T-Mobile G1 with Google, we nearly tripled the number of phones initially available for delivery on our Oct. 22 launch date, and have sold through them all.  However, to accommodate additional T-Mobile customers who want to pre-order a device, they now have the opportunity to place a pre-order through Oct. 21, for delivery at a later date.

Also, people can still pre-register on the T-Mobile G1 Web site to be notified prior to launch where they can purchase the device beginning Oct. 22.  Details are available on the T-Mobile G1 Web site, www.T-MobileG1.com.

UPDATE: T-Mobile customers who want to pre-order a device, they now have the opportunity to place a pre-order through Oct. 21, for delivery sometime in early November 10th time frame. Thanks Kristen, T-Mobile Spokesperson

T-Mobile G1 hands-on: Award-Winning Android App feature ShopSavvy

We had a little bit of time today to get an exclusive one on one time with the G1 for our Android Community members, at a special developers event held in Dallas. The company behind Google Application Challenge award winning app ShopSavvy, Big In Japan - were there, demonstrating the software in action on a G1.

The G1 phone was quick and responsive as when we played with it at the launch event last week. We were able to get hands on time with the full version of ShopSavvy. We scanned a barcode (for demonstration purposes, a Logitech webcam) and were able to compare prices online as well as at many stores in the area. No word on when the application will be released, or if it will be a free application or one in which you must purchase. We can imagine it would be particularly useful for all the Christmas shopping coming up over the next few months.  One particularly useful feature is price alert, allowing you to save products to a wish-list that updates you when the product is discounted into your pre-set price range. Check out the video interview we did with Big In Japan here. [gallery]

T-Mobile G1 pre-order has come to an end [Updated]

Update: Pre-order is back up.  Thanks A-Tron!  We heard from our friends at T-Mobile today and here's the official statement:

"The T-Mobile G1 microsite experienced a technical glitch this morning, and is now back up and running.  Since Tuesday's announcement, we've experienced heavy demand for the device.  A small quantity of T-Mobile G1s are still available at this time for T-Mobile customers. Please visit http://www.T-MobileG1.com for details." -thanks Kristen!

Note that there are only a small quantity of the T-Mobile G1s are available.  That means if you want a G1, you better hurry because T-Mobile is running out! With the overwhelming response to the announcement of the T-Mobile has run out of available devices for the G1 pre-order. Hundreds of people immediately jumped on T-Mobile's site to pre-order their device. So many in fact that the site was down for several hours.

T-Mobile 1GB data cap canned: T&Cs ‘still being reviewed’

After some unfavorable press and caution from would-be buyers over the threatened 1GB data cap, T-Mobile have backtracked on their throttling policy.  In a statement just issued by the carrier, they describe their intention as to "provide the best network experience for all our customers"; however they also remove the 1GB soft-cap, pending further review of the data plan terms & conditions.
"Our goal, when the T-Mobile G1 becomes available in October, is to provide affordable, high-speed data service allowing customers to experience the full data capabilities of the device and our 3G network. At the same time, we have a responsibility to provide the best network experience for all of our customers so we reserve the right to temporarily reduce data throughput for a small fraction of our customers who have excessive or disproportionate usage that interferes with our network performance or our ability to provide quality service to all of our customers. We removed the 1GB soft limit from our policy statement, and we are confident that T-Mobile G1 customers will enjoy the high speed of data access over our 3G network. The specific terms for our new data plans are still being reviewed and once they are final we will be certain to share this broadly with current customers and potential new customers" T-Mobile statement
Instead, it appears T-Mobile will move to throttle back only those customers deemed to be abusing their data connection.  The previously mentioned threat was a reduction to 50 kbps or less. Of course, an unknown data limit can be just as frustrating as a known, low limit, as it gives no way to gauge how close your usage is to what the carrier would deem "excessive or disproportionate".  Hopefully T-Mobile's "specific terms" will be finalized sooner rather than later, so that buyers can decide if the $25 "unlimited" data plan is really worth it.

Camera-shy Brown G1 Spotted at last! – More G1 Live Photos

With all the sightings of the G1 at the event today, it has become clear that black is the color favorite. There were a few white models in pictures here and there. Word is the brown one was spotted but we really did not see much of it.  While the showroom was crowded with long lines and tons of media running about we had to get a shot of the brown, so we sent Vince back in to seek one out. He managed to get his hands on it but only for a moment, as well as plenty more hands-on images.

T-Mobile set 1GB G1 3G cap: threaten throttling for heavy users

It remains to be seen how much street view access you'll be able to get before bumping into T-Mobile's 3G 1GB data cap.   With data intensive phones there are always limitations as to how much you can use before the provider starts losing money: with the G1 it appears to be as low as 1GB. Using the G1 for internet access on your laptop (tethering) is completely out of the picture with these data restrictions in place. If your total data usage in any billing cycle is more than 1GB, T-Mobile reserves the right to lower your bandwidth usage to 50 kbps or less for the remainder of your billing cycle, and/or terminate or suspend your contract. This data limitation on such a phone is crippling. While it keeps the monthly data package price low, it limits usage in a big way. With downloading applications, sending instant messages browsing the web and downloading media from Amazon there is little bandwidth left to use. The iPhone 3G has a cap of 5-6GBs depending on where you live, giving users more options as to just how they use their phone. The iPhone 3G pulls away in this aspect seeing as how both phones being about the same with data usage. [via AC Forums]

G1 pre-loaded goodies: Demo Video

The G1 comes pre-loaded with many useful applications including Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Contacts, Calendar and IM. Sing in just once with you Google account and it will automatically synchronize all of your applications. You can even protect your data with a secure “lock pattern”. A drag down status bar that holds all of your notifications is extremely useful without getting in the way. This bar displays new text messages, email, calendar events, instant messages and more. When a text message comes in, the status bar will give a brief preview of the message. Contacts are easy to search through and locate. A few simple clicks and you can locate a contacts address on a map for directions. You can the location in satellite or street view as well, making it easier to visualize an unfamiliar location. Navigation is made easier with a built in accelerometer, giving a compass option to help - turn the phone, and the mapping automatically turns with you so you always know which way you're facing. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7qbPa1O8Ys[/youtube]

G1 Hands-On: Live with T-Mobile’s Android Smartphone!

After the main announcement this morning, we spent some hands-on time with T-Mobile's new G1 - the first production Android device.  The HTC-made device has quadband GSM together with HSDPA 1700/2100, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, a 3.2-megapixel fixed-focus camera and a 3.2-inch 320 x 480 flush-fit touchscreen.

Slide the display to the right, and a full QWERTY keyboard with dedicated search button is revealed.  The search function is device-wide and context specific: hit the button while browsing your contacts, for instance, and it will search through individual records.  Press it when in the Webkit-based browser (which uses the same underlying technology as Google's Chrome browser for desktop) and it triggers a standard Google internet search.  Our first impressions of the browser were that it didn't seem quite as slick as Safari on the iPhone 3G, but the hardware keyboard - while not the best we've used on a mobile device - made entering site addresses and filling in online forms far easier.

Size-wise, compared to what will likely be its most quoted competitor, the T-Mobile G1 is thicker and longer than the iPhone 3G.  It's narrower, though, and of course much of the bulk is from the sliding section.  A removable battery adds its own girth, too; the G1 talktime is estimated at up to 350 minutes WCDMA or 406 minutes GSM; standby at 402hrs or 319hrs for WCDMA or GSM respectively.

Storage is down from the iPhone 3G too - a 1GB microSD card is in the box, with a maximum of 8GB supported - but the G1 can send MMS messages and has Street View and a digital compass for use with Google Maps.  You'll have to either use HTC's headphones or an adapter, though; the G1 lacks a normal 3.5mm socket in favor of the company's "HTC ExtUSB" which combines mini-USB with audio. As expected the G1 uses a multi-core Qualcomm chipset, the MSM7201A running at 528MHz and paired with 256MB ROM and 192MB RAM.  One notable omission is A2DP stereo Bluetooth - that will apparently come in a later Android release. We'll have hands-on video very soon, so stick with Android Community! [gallery]
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