T-Mobile G2 ROM Leaked to the Internet

While we're waiting for T-Mobile and HTC to actually officially announce the device, we're seeing it pop up everywhere. Not only have we already seen what it looks like, now bold individuals out there can even play with the device's ROM. The ROM in particular is meant for a test build of the G2, but it is running Android 2.2. And, from what we've heard from chatter around the 'web, we're hearing that it's actually stock Android, without any User Interface skinning.

HTC PC10100 Enters FCC, Featuring AWS 3G and HSPA+

Rumors about the HTC Glacier, an exceptionally powerful device featuring T-Mobile's HSPA+, began a few weeks back, and despite there not being much more information about the device since then, it's never left our mind. Now, thanks to Engadget, there's a new AWS-equipped device making its short-term home within the FCC right now. Questions immediately arose from the specifications garnered from that listing. Is this the Glacier, or is it the already well-known G2?

T-Mobile G2 live photos leak [Updated]

The T-Mobile G2 has had its first live sighting, and it seemingly confirms what we suggested earlier in the week regarding the upcoming HSPA+ smartphone.  Engadget's tipster sent them a couple of photos of the handset, complete with T-Mobile branding, showing the G2 is basically the same as the HTC Vision. That means a 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard and an optical trackpad, as well as - we've heard - a 1GHz Snapdragon processor.  No word from T-Mobile on when exactly the G2 will launch, but they have promised more details in "the coming weeks". Update: Thanks to a second-set of images, we can now see the strange hinge mechanism that looks to lift the G2's display up and over the keyboard, rather than sliding it straight up.  No word on tilting, though, like the HTC Touch Pro2.

HSPA+ T-Mobile G2 teaser site launches

T-Mobile has launched a new teaser site for their latest Android smartphone, the T-Mobile G2 with Google.  The first HSPA+ capable smartphone to their network, details on the G2 are in short supply right now; only a vague outline of the handset has been shown, though we have heard various rumors about different T-Mobile devices in the past. That includes the T-Mobile G1 Blaze (aka the HTC Vision), a slider-QWERTY handset made by HTC and that would certainly fit in with the carrier's comments that the G2 is the "successor" of the original G1.  However, we've also heard talk of the T-Mobile myTouch HD, a large-screen version of the keyboard-free myTouch 3G. Both are believed to be part of T-Mobile's Project Emerald.  The carrier says it will release more information on the T-Mobiel G2 in the coming weeks, with existing subscribers getting early access to the Android handset. [via SlashGear]

T-Mobile USA roadmap tips G1 v.2 and Samsung Houdini

T-Mobile USA's Android roadmap has leaked, and it brings with it a number of as-yet unannounced devices that include the Samsung Houdini and the G1 v.2 "Bigfoot".  According to the roadmap, the G2 - aka the HTC Magic, now believed to be called the T-Mobile myTouch 3G - will launch this Summer, a reasonable prediction, priced at $179. The T-Mobile G1, meanwhile, will reach end-of-life stage at the end of the "back to school" period in early September.  It will be replaced by a device listed as the G1 v.2 "Bigfoot", which the graphic would suggest is a slide-out QWERTY device similar to the Helio Ocean 2. Meanwhile, a Samsung handset - the Houdini - will reach the carrier.  There's no telling what connection the Houdini has with the Samsung I7500; it could be a different device, or the image could be a mockup created in advance of real I7500 graphics being available (the same could be said for the G1 v.2).  Pricing for the latter two handsets has been blanked out, unfortunately. [via Boy Genius Report]

HTC Magic clears FCC with T-Mobile USA branding

The HTC Magic has passed the FCC bearing T-Mobile USA branding, seemingly confirming that the touchscreen smartphone will be the second Android device the carrier offers in the US.  No official name has been attached to the Magic by T-Mobile - the original G1 was named by the carrier (HTC distribute the handset as the HTC Dream) and it seems likely the Magic will end up as the G2. Launched back at CTIA in February, as a Vodafone exclusive in Europe, HTC had already told Android Community that they would be happy to work with a US carrier.  A T-Mobile branded version of the device was then used in a Google demonstration, prematurely confirming the carrier's intentions. As for specifications, the Magic has a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, WiFi and GPS.  For live photos and our demo videos from CTIA, head over here. [via Engadget]

T-Mobile G2 (US-spec HTC Magic) outed by Google?

Google took to the stage to unveil GMail's offline functionality this week, but may have inadvertently announced something else, too: the T-Mobile G2.  Vic Gundotra, vice president of engineering, used the new HTC Magic to demonstrate the app, but rather than Vodafone branding the handset he brought out had T-Mobile's logo. Currently, the only announced version of the HTC Magic is Vodafone's exclusive European deal.  However HTC told Android Community at MWC this week that their deal with Vodafone only covers country-by-country availability, and that if a US carrier approached them regarding a version of the Magic tailored for US 3G they'd jump at the opportunity. This new branding certainly seems to suggest that rather than being a question of when a US carrier will pick up the HTC Magic, it's more a question of when T-Mobile USA will announce their sequel to the G1.  For the video of Gundotra's demonstration, click here. [via AC forums]

T-Mobile G2 by HTC spotted in wild: no QWERTY, coming May

The first images of the T-Mobile G2 have emerged, showing another HTC-made smartphone that now lacks the full QWERTY keyboard of the T-Mobile G1.  The G2 handset keeps the touchscreen and trackball of the G1, but tweaks the front-panel buttons and is, of course, slimmer thanks to the absence of a slide-section. HTC have also given the T-Mobile G2 a 3.2-megapixel camera, though it's unclear whether it has autofocus or not, and there appears to still be no flash.  The casing has a high-gloss finish, but we're not sure of measurements as yet. The original source of the photos reports that the G2's interface is "very similar" to that of the original G1, and that T-Mobile will be releasing the smartphone come mid-May.  No spec details available as yet, though we'd presume an on-screen keyboard - something the G1 lacked as standard - has now been developed.  Renders of the new G2 were among the leaked shots of HTC's 2009 line-up.

Android Community Week in Review – Week 51 2008

This week we learned that only a month before the new Kogan Agora and Agora Pro are set to release the handset underwent a few minor but annoying changes. First the good, the directional pad has been tweaked and appears to be easier to use now. Now for the bad new, the screen was made smaller to give a widescreen appearance. That’s not all that went wrong here, the softkeys also took a hike. My Maps Editor hit the Android Market so now you can bring your desktop maps wherever you want and even edit them on the fly. With this applications users can create, edit, share, and view personalized maps on your Android-powered handset and synchronize them with the My Maps tab on Google Maps. Just before Jeffrey Sharkey headed to Google he gave us one more little gem called OilCan.  This application is basically Greasemonkey on steroids. Users can run scripts to modify many things from the way a web page is laid out to being able to touch and hold an application to uninstall it. Mocana’s NanoPhone has provided Android users with more security options for those who are finding it hard to trust the built-in browser after recent security issues. Interestingly enough this service does not compromise battery life at all. We also got a few more shots of the new Lenovo “Ophone.” The more we see of this new Android-powered handset, the more we like. We can’t wait to get our hands on this device so we can bring you a full review. HulloMail has come fourth and brought visual voicemail yet again to the Android. This however is a UK based service so not everyone can try it out unfortunately. The top ten downloaded applications for Android have been announced and it took us by surprise that the number one spot was filled by a game. It was an easy guess just which game made the spot, the Namco classic Pac-Man has been a number one classic for years. There is a new update for Android in the works and it goes by the name “cupcake”.  Included in this update are plenty of features that you would be crazy not to love. The most notable change in this update is video recording! The T-Mobile G1 maintenance guide found its way to the internet this week providing anyone with teardown, troubleshooting and repair tutorials. There are going to be plenty of voided warranties after this move.  T-Mobile has also chosen to drop the $18 upgrade fee for the holidays; there is no word just how long this promotion will last. Android Community is giving away 6 Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headsets for the holidays this season. All you have to do is register and create a post telling us what is on your Christmas list. Couldn’t be simpler. Huawei has announced that they will release Android-powered handset in 2009. There is still not many details on this handset, but we are certainly glad to hear that another Android-powered handset is in the works. Android has gotten the first turn-by-turn application this week, the really catcher though is the price. With the help of in application ads, AndNav2 will remain free to all users. This certainly beats out the turn-by-turn subscription costs of most services. Samsung is also set to release a touchscreen Android-powered handset for release in late 2009. Lets hope this touchscreen does not resemble the others, which are milky and hard to see in the sun. CellphoneSignal fabricated a story about the new T-Mobile G2 coming in late January 2009. Of course the specs seemed a little off including video calling features. This turned out to be false as we suspected. Sorry for any confusion there might have been.There are more reliable rumors, but even then theyare just rumors.

T-Mobile G2 rumors get a little clearer

As more and more tips come in regarding the T-Mobile G2 it gets harder and harder to sift through and decipher what is true and what is not. So all information as of new should be taken as nothing more than a rumor. Here is what a tipster told The Boy Genius Report. All of the specs that CellphoneSignal reported are very wrong and the launch date could not be more off.  The device is a fully touch handset and as much as we would like, does not have a physical full QWERTY keyboard. Yes there is a trackball at the bottom; they simply could not let it go. The launch of the device has been delayed from late February to April due to uncontrollable software issues. The T-Mobile G2 will actually be launched on another global carrier with a different name, as T-Mobile G1, G2 and G3 are trademarks of T-mobile. The tipster did not see the G3, yes there apparently is a G3 and it is reportedly coming not long after the G2. We hate to drown you with more rumors, but we felt that we should give you the most reliable rumor out there right now. [Via BGR]
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