T-Mobile G2 Touch

T-Mobile G2 Now Free Online with 2 Year Contract

So you're hangin out on the internet, looking for a radical new phone to click around on, and what do you find? An ever-so-slightly old review of the T-Mobile G2 by that fellow by the name of Chris Burns over on Android Community. You think huh, CB seems to really like this phone it seems, and it gets 4G speeds, it's got Android 2.2 Froyo, and one heck of a nice camera on the back. Let's just check how much it costs... FREE?!

T-Mobile G2 hardware security hacked completely!

Even though T-Mobile took a lot of precautionary measures to make sure that the phone wouldn't be able to be rooted, the hardware is now fully unlocked. This is more than just simply rooting and putting ROMS on, the hardware is now completely open for development.

T-Mobile G2 Overclocked to 1.9Ghz

So you want a fast phone, yes? You've got a fancy fabulous G2 in your hands and you want to see how far it can truly clock, perhaps? I think ye do, of COURSE ye do. You like to live on the wild side, and you want to see your phone clock in at 1.9Ghz and attain the lovely 2700+ mark in Quadrant. XDA forum member Flippy125 did it, and now so can you! But don't, of course, because more than likely most people trying it will fry their phone into oblivion. But if you don't think you're going to be one of those people, do read on!

Permanent Root for G2

Hooray for XDA! XDA Developers forum member unforgiven512 has just posted a comprehensive list guide on how you, too, can permanently root your T-Mobile G2. It's scary, it's hairy, and it can permanently brick your phone FOREVER, but the riches are also at your fingertips. This guide is based on the work of forum member scotty2, and takes you through the process of rooting your G2 step by careful step.

T-Mobile G2 Review

Welcome to the Android Community review of the fabled T-Mobile G2. Truly a lovely little piece of work with a Snapdragon MSM7230 processor, Android 2.2 Froyo, 4G speeds, and what I'll tell you right now is a very nice still camera situation. Before you read this review, I'd like to encourage you to hang a left over to the Unboxing and Hands-On post for the G2, reading there all about the hardware details and feel of the device.

G2 to get Wi-Fi Calling starting Tomorrow

More exciting news from T-Mobile. After hearing about the 4G networks from T-Mobile and the new commercials, we have learned that Wi-Fi calling will be available to G2 users starting tomorrow. This feature will definitely please G2 users. Free calling via Wi-Fi, can't get much better on top of that. If only this feature was available to all smartphone phone users, it could save us all ALOT of money by not wasting minutes at home for those of you that aren't on an unlimited calling plan. T-Mobile has been recently stepping up its game with the 4G news and the release of some new 4G gadgets tomorrow. Keep up the good work T-Mobile. Via [Tmonews]

T-Mobile G2 Unboxing and Hands-on

Aha! Yes it is here in my mail, inside a box with a letter that tells me to be honest and not dip the phone in my chocolate milk. It's the T-Mobile G2, that wonderful slab of silver boasting 4G speeds, a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230 processor, Android 2.2 Froyo, and a massive price range of $99 to $499.99, it's coming fraught with talk of early arrivals, hardware issues, and missing storage. But I'll tell you what, right now, right here, this phone is wild. I don't throw that term around lightly. When I say wild, I mean completely excellent and amazing.

T-Mobile’s VISIONary App Gives New (Temp) Root

T-Mobile G2 has been given temporary root access relief. The relief is a VISIONary app (named after HTC's Vision/G2). VISIONary was created by a member on MoDaCo, which creates temporary root access on the G2 at the touch of a button. This is a huge help for G2 users, considering the device's root access was lost every time the handset restarted.

Cyanogen shows off CyanogenMod on T-Mobile G2

With all of the recent drama about the T-Mobile G2, it doesn't surprise me that this video was released on the internet. For anyone who didn't return their T-Mobile G2 yet and are still using it, Cyanogen has a surprise for you guys. They recently showed off their mod in a youtube video.

T-Mobile UK rename Hero (again) to G2 Touch; launching later in July [Updated]

T-Mobile UK have reconfirmed that they will be offering the HTC Hero, although in their line-up it will be known as the T-Mobile G2 Touch and not the G1Touch as originally suggested.  Set to hit the market later in July, according to the carrier's Twitter account, details of the handset's price and tariffs are yet to be confirmed by an official press release. The carrier will go head to head with rival Orange, who are also offering the Hero (in their case with its original name).  Since Orange are pricing the Android smartphone from free with a new two-year agreement, it seems likely that T-Mobile UK will do the same. The news comes as T-Mobile USA revealed this week that they have no plans to offer the HTC Hero on their side of the Atlantic.  Speaking at the launch of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G (aka the HTC Magic), CTO Cole Brodman said the Hero was not on their US radar. Update: T-Mobile  UK have confirmed that the G2Touch will be free with a new 18-month contract at £40 per month; the tariff will be one of their Flext schemes, offering £225-worth of credit per month to be used as the subscriber sees fit. [vms 7b5f9259f82690aeea4c]