T-Mobile now selling HTC inline 3.5mm headphone adapter

We recently wrote about the official HTC inline headphones adapter that are now shipping with T-Mobile G1 handsets. Some of our users who were early adopters of the G1 have been unable to talk T-Mobile into sending them a replacement jack for their device. Thanks to our member LordKurgan, we now we know why they are so reluctant. He stopped by a T-Mobile store today to pick up a case for his G1 only to find that they are also selling the Official HTC inline adapter for $9.99. The salesperson told him that they were released only today. He reported that the adapter provides good quality audio through the headphones that he owns. For those of you who missed our story on these 3.5mm headphone jacks, they also include a microphone and answer/mute button for placing and answering calls. Thanks LordKurgan!

Reketu allows Android users to make cheap international calls

Reketu just released their Reketu Mobile service for the T-Mobile G1. Now users can make phone-to-phone calls, send SMS messages, email, send and receive instant messages, store and share pictures over a data connection. This new service is added to Raketu’s existing communications information, entertainment and social networking features.

"Raketu's release for Google's G1 mobile will allow users the ability to access free or lowest cost communications services from anywhere in the world," said Greg Parker, president and CEO of Raketu. "Adding support for the new Google G1 mobile continues Raketu's focus of providing free or lowest cost communications and entertainment services to all mobile devices." Much like Truphone, users can make international calls from any device from anywhere in the world for Raketu’s low rates. Make phone to computer, commuter to phone or phone to phone calls without ever having to pay extra. This service is available currently for existing customers; if you are new you can sign up at http://Android.Raketu.com. [Via BBXExchange]

Visa Mobile Application hits the Android Market; may not be as secure as you think

Back in September we reported that the Visa Mobile Application was being created as the first financial application for Android. It has been a while but they managed to push it to the Android Market in hopes that it would get some use for the holiday season. With the Visa Mobile Application you can track your card transactions as they happen, to better keep track of your own expenses. With alerts you will know instantly when someone else is using your credit card. This feature is a must in today’s world with all of the credit card and identity fraud going on. If you delete this application you must text the word “STOP” to MVISA in order to discontinue text notifications. This application also gives you many special coupon offers both online and on your handset. Visa Mobile Application even gives you location information where you can redeem offers. As with most Visa services there is always the fine print to watch out for. If you tear through the Terms of Service you will find one very unassuming line that could very well make you turn around and never look back. This line reads, “unfortunately, no data transmission via a mobile handset can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.” It just sound to me like Visa is trying to keep them selves from any liability T-Mobile may place on them due to security issues.

New AdWords options now for available T-Mobile G1

Today, the Google mobile ads team has announced a new option that allows those of us who are AdWords advertisers to your desktop text and image ads on the T-Mobile G1, or any device that has a full HTML browser. These adds will have many of the same benefits as the standard mobile ads, such as the delivery of mobile-specific calls-to-action and reaching mobile users that are searching with their phones more than ever. You may have seen these ads running on the G1 already because Google Search on this device results pages that are modified specifically for this phone. Now advertisers will be able to have ads exclusively on the mobile devices of their choice, create campaigns for them, and get separate performance reporting. The good news is you can opt out of these ads and they will only appear on your computer. To disable these ads that target your phone just go to your campaign settings tab in your AdWords account. Navigate to Networks and Bidding and find Device Platform and select "iPhones and other mobile devices with full internet browsers." Note that if you are currently running Google’s mobile ads, this new option for desktop ads will not affect your campaign. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4R-wF6sdDg&eurl=http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/2008/12/new-adwords-options-for-iphone-and-g1.html&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] [Via GoogleBlog]

Google now offering special unlocked version of the G1 to developers

Google has released a special unlocked version of the T-Mobile G1 to help developers develop their applications. This version is going to run you $399 and is both SIM unlocked as well as hardware unlocked. You must first be registered as a developer to be eligible to purchase this handset; registrations fees will run you $25. Now developers don’t have to purchase this phone from T-Mobile and wait for ages after requesting an unlock code. This development version also has a bootloader that does not restrict the device to officially signed firmware builds. It looks like this may be a way for countries to legally get their hands on one as well. This version is currently available to Japan, Germany, India, France, Taiwan, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Hungry, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, the US and the UK. Google plans to expand the regions in the future.  Although this handset is meant specifically for developers, consumers can register and have these devices shipped right to their door. Is this what it takes to get one in a country that does not currently have the G1? [Via XDA]

Roaming disabled by default in UK G1 models

Just the other day we reported that one user was charged over $100 for taking his T-Mobile G1 out of the country even though customer service said it would be fine and turning all data on their phone off. Apparently this is only an issue with US versions of the T-mobile G1. To ensure that customers to not rack up unexpected costs, roaming is by default disabled in all new UK models. If a user so wishes to enable it a warning message will pop informing users that there will be additional costs. You may be asking yourself, why in the world is it disabled for them and now us? Just to note, when roaming is turned off it includes not just data roaming but all roaming. If you do not wish to incur data roaming charges you will not be able to use your phone. For those of you who travel overseas often, the T-Mobile G1 is about the worst phone for you to own. Unless you have money to burn we don’t suggest even taking the G1 with you.

Inside tip confirms new T-Mobile data plans

One of our members has brought it upon themselves to help arm users with inside knowledge so that we are not left in the dark anymore. He brings us word that there are some changes going around over at T-Mobile that are now in "For training only" status. This means that all the employees are being trained on these policies, but there is no definite date for them to take place and they have a slight chance of changing. He reports that the 10GB data cap is coming, but its not just for G1 owners, this cap will cover all phones including the SideKick line. Half of the calls that user receives are customers with over 50GB of data already used.  He also went on to say, “when you reach the 10GB cap we will strike the mighty throttle upon your line to 50kb or less.” Also as we previously brought up T-Mobile will be adjusting Internet pricing for many phone including the SideKick who’s data pricing may go as high as to double the current price.  T-Mobile will also be changing the mid-grade phones Internet service and rebranding it under the name web2go. It appears that T-Mobile has had a lot of time to think about how data plans now match up to their new 3G network.

Colorware lets you get funky with your G1

Colorware has done it again, you guessed it this time they have gone and colorized the G1. Now those of you who can’t decide on a color won’t have to. This company has been bringing color to handsets and devices with great quality for some time now. Though their services are a bit on the steep side, we can personally testify to the superb quality of their work. Its going to cost you anywhere from $15 for the keyboard or bottom of the device to $220 for the entire thing. If you still haven’t purchased your T-Mobile G1 yet well you’re in luck. They also offer the units as well starting at $770 without a contract. The price breakdown goes as follows, Main Display $175, Keyboard $15, Bottom $15 and back for $15. We would love to see pictures of the colors out members have chosen.

HTC raises G1 shipment forecast to 1 million by the end of 2008

While it may be tough times for smartphone makers worldwide, HTC has raised its shipment forecasts for the T-Mobile G1 and Windows-powered Touch Diamond, putting shipment volumes of both in the millionth range by the end of 2008. In a statement that HTC CEO Peter Chou made on November 21st, it is said that the company expects to sell up to a million units of the T-Mobile G1, while HTC Touch Diamond handset shipments are expected to hit the 3 million mark by the end of the year. HTC’s Chou also fenced off rumors of a pending layoff, as well as those of decreased orders, proudly proclaiming that HTC was too tough for the global economic recession to weigh down. The company’s condition is so good, in fact, that they’re currently looking at acquiring a handset design company in the US. But no matter how recession-proof a company is, the real test of its strength will come when it gets pitted against the toughest competition. For example, Asus, who says they will go against HTC in the 2009 smartphone race, should be a worthy opponent. We’ll see just how tough High Tech Computer really is, by then. [Via Digitimes]

The T-Mobile G1 gets hijacked!

The latest update that Google pushed out (RC30) is suppose to fix the browser hijacker security flaw that was originally reported in Android software. Well it appears that Google is going back to the drawing board because our users have been hijacked! Our users are reporting an attack when they try to visit their Yahoo home page. Instead of going to their homepage it redirects them to the antivirus download page for whatever reason. While we are unsure what is causing this, it appears it just started happening yesterday. There is no threat to any information in the applications other than the web browser. Google limits the browser so that no hijackers can gain access to personal information in other applications such as BioWallet. Google has not made any comments on this issue thus far. There is development on antivirus applications for Google’s Android and the G1 going on right now.  How many of our members are experiencing similar problems?  Will anyone be purchasing antivirus software for their G1 now to gain some peace of mind?
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