Android 1.5 ‘Cupcake’ released

Android Community is hearing from multiple T-Mobile G1 users that Android 1.5 "Cupcake" is being pushed out as an OTA upgrade.  The system update, which was released officially to developers earlier this week, will be rolled out to handsets throughout May, according to one report. Cupcake 1.5 brings with it an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, necessary for the new breed of Android devices which lack hardware keyboards, such as the HTC Magic and Samsung I7500 (which will have the new version out of the box).  Other improvements include direct photo and video uploads to Picasa and YouTube, respectively, together with various behind-the-scenes improvements such as faster browsing courtesy of new JavaScript and webkit engines.  Video demo here. Reports are telling us that the update is reaching users in the US and Europe.  The Android 1.5 system update is a 44MB file, and as yet there's no way to artificially trigger its download, only wait for your carrier to push it OTA.  Keep track of progress in this forum thread.

Android 1.5 Cupcake released for Devs; Video Demo

HTC and Google have released Android 1.5 Cupcake for owners of the Android Dev Phone, available as a free download from the manufacturers site.  Cupcake adds video recording to Android, including one-touch uploads to YouTube, plus a new on-screen QWERTY keyboard.  There are also tweaks to the browser, predominantly to increase speed in rendering, zooming and scrolling. Arsen shot the following demo video of Cupcake 1.5 in action, including the video recording and the new auto-complete URL suggestions introduced with the on-screen keyboard.  According to their feedback, the browser does indeed run faster but 3GP video captured by the G1 was less successful, with numerous skips and judders. The HTC download will apparently only work with the HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1) hardware, and must be a developer device rather than a standard retail handset.  However that's unlikely to stop the teams of avid Android tweakers who right now are looking for ways to modify the firmware for a general install, ahead of the official May release. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hczgL3C2yrw[/youtube] [Thanks Paul3G and lovedumplingx!]

PdaNet for hack-free Android tethering

A new freeware app makes tethering the G1 to a PC or laptop straightforward, without requiring that users hack the Android firmware or have root access.  PdaNet allows a USB-connected Android cellphone to work as a tethered modem - with either cellular or WiFi data - with a single click. Currently in beta stage, and available for Windows users (together with a 64-bit Vista version), the app reportedly works well.  PdaNet is already available in Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and iPhone versions. Of course, while this is technically possible, it could very well contravene the terms & conditions of whichever carrier is providing 3G data access for your G1.  It's worth checking the small print to see what limitations on tethering there are in your cellphone contract. [via GAB; thanks Matthew!]

Top 10 UK Android Market apps revealed by T-Mobile

T-Mobile UK have released a list of the top ten most popular Android applications, as downloaded to the T-Mobile G1 by users in the UK.  The list, which spans backup apps, shopping comparison search engines and horoscope information, have all been available free through the Android Market.  Top of the ranking is The Weather Channel, which offers customizable weather maps and alerts. A similar list, for US downloads, was published back in December 2008.  Google recently announced an update to the Android Market, which will allow developers to charge for their applications rather than give them away free.  It's expected that this will drive coding for the Android platform.
1. The Weather Channel – Provides customizable weather maps and alerts 2. MySpace Mobile – Allows MySpace users to keep connected via their T-Mobile G1 3. ShopSavvy – Allows users to scan a product’s barcode and compare prices online 4. Daily Horoscope – Offers a daily fix of astrology 5. Free Dictionary Org – Works just like a traditional dictionary 6. Ringdroid – Allows users to create their own ringtones using MP3 tracks, or by recording their own 7. Backgrounds – 50,000 backgrounds available to customise your T-Mobile G1 8. Barcode Scanner – Similar to ShopSavvy, allows users to scan a CD or book’s barcode to look up prices or reviews 9. Save MMS – Allows users to save images, video or audio from MMS text messages directly to the G1’s memory card 10. Compare Everywhere – Another shopping comparison service that uses the G1’s camera to scan a product’s barcode to find out more information and comparative prices
Earlier today, Vodafone and HTC announced the new HTC Magic, which will be the second phone to go on general sale with the Android OS.  You can find out more about the HTC Magic here, and see the first of our demo videos here.

Exclusive review: TeleNav GPS Navigation Service for T-Mobile G1 Android phone

T-Mobile G1 owners will soon be able to use the feature-rich TeleNav GPS Navigator.  TeleNav made the official announcement this morning that their award winning software will be released on February 24th via their website, and will be available in the Android Marketplace later this year.  Android Community was given the opportunity to test out the program in advance of its release.

nru location-based activities app for G1: Video Demo

Travel website lastminute.com have released an app for the T-Mobile G1 that flags up nearby activities on a radar-style display.  nru ("near you") takes advantage of the G1's GPS and compass to work out where the user is, offering up a range of bars, restaurants, cinemas and cafés - among other things - that are geographically close.   The app uses information from several online databases, including Qype and fonefood, and thanks to the compass the display is automatically changed depending on which direction you're currently pointing in.  It can also find nearby shows and concerts, landmarks, and presumably any other category that lastminute later add.  Once you've found a place that sounds interesting, a tap opens up the venue listing with whatever details, reviews and photos are available. Held horizontally, with the screen facing up, nru shows the radar-style interface; hold it up, in either portrait or landscape orientation, and it shows whereabouts on your sight-line the nearest venue is.  A free download from the Android Marketplace, nru is currently only available to UK G1 users. [youtube]http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=fMA7wAU5BH0[/youtube] [Thanks Toby!]

T-Mobile G2 by HTC spotted in wild: no QWERTY, coming May

The first images of the T-Mobile G2 have emerged, showing another HTC-made smartphone that now lacks the full QWERTY keyboard of the T-Mobile G1.  The G2 handset keeps the touchscreen and trackball of the G1, but tweaks the front-panel buttons and is, of course, slimmer thanks to the absence of a slide-section. HTC have also given the T-Mobile G2 a 3.2-megapixel camera, though it's unclear whether it has autofocus or not, and there appears to still be no flash.  The casing has a high-gloss finish, but we're not sure of measurements as yet. The original source of the photos reports that the G2's interface is "very similar" to that of the original G1, and that T-Mobile will be releasing the smartphone come mid-May.  No spec details available as yet, though we'd presume an on-screen keyboard - something the G1 lacked as standard - has now been developed.  Renders of the new G2 were among the leaked shots of HTC's 2009 line-up.

CellHut selling T-Mobile G1 without a contract for a pretty penny

CellHut is now offering the T-Mobile G1 apparently without a contract. Some of you want the regular version of the T-Mobile G1 without purchasing the unlocked developers version even with the cool graphic on the back. The “T-Mobile Google G1” as they call it wont cost you the $699.99 that is advertised on the CellHut website, but the sale price of $499.99, this may be a lot of money but hey you get free shipping! . At this point we just recommend just getting the unlocked developers version, at least you get the cool design and save $100. For those who are still a bit new about this type of phone, an unlocked handset is one in which you can use on any GSM/ SIM card enabled network with supported radio bands. For example the T-Mobile G1 is factory locked to only work with T-mobile, if you get an unlocked version you can then use it with AT&T, Cricket and MetroPCS phone plans. [Via CellHut]

Android Community Week in Review – Week 3 2009

This week, Sir Luke Hutch was able to demonstrate multi-touch on the T-Mobile G1 on a stock handset by modifying only one system class in the Java-based user interface stack. There are also some instructions to go along with it for those who would like to try it out. HTC’s new 2009 roadmap was leaked including one device dubbed the “Android Hero.”  This mobile phone has the same basic shape as the G1, but is thinner, does not have a keyboard and comes in pink. CES this year had a nice surprise for us Android enthusiasts. The GiiNii Movit Internet tablet was on display running our favorite mobile operating system. FlyCast has made its way over the Android platform after being on other smartphones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry handsets. Very similar to Pandora, FlyCast offers streaming music with no need to actually download it to your memory card. CompuLap has just introduced their new Exeda Android-powered handset. This device is really very wide and has a full QWERTY keyboard as well as several navigation controls and a landscape oriented screen. A new rumor is flying around that we would actually like to see come true. We hear that Asus is working on an Eee Phone. With Asus’s recent success in the netbook market we are sure that they can bring the same quality and reliability to the mobile market. At CES we also had the opportunity to play with OpenMoko’s Android-powered version of the Neo FreeRunner. There was nothing particularly new or exciting about this device, as we have already seen the Android platform in action and the hardware has not changed at all. There is however there was a virtual keyboard that looks very nice. A video popped up demonstrating a device that is branded on the front as “Dream” but under the back covering it reads “Dream G2.” This does not appear to be a quality handset; it could even be a fake with Android running on top of Windows Mobile. This phone is indeed from China where most knockoff phones come from. Dan O’Sullivan has created a G1 hat to better help give technical support to family members. The hat allows him to see what his family needs help with. The Australian consumer electronic manufacturer who was going to release the Kogan Agora Pro has delayed the production “indefinitely” because the screen resolution may not be compatible with future Android applications. For those of you still experiencing less than desirable battery life you can now order an extended life battery if a thicker device does not bother you. The standard battery is 1150mAh, while the extended life is a monster at 2600mAh. There is also some new information regarding what will and what will not be taken from the cupcake update and released in the next official Google update. This info however must be taken with a grain of salt because nothing is set in stone.

Extended G1 battery life anyone?

Some of you are having a really problem fighting the battery life of your T-Mobile G1. Do far the rumors that T-Mobile is shipping extended life batteries out is seeming to by just a myth. There are solutions but you have to ask yourself, how much am I willing to give for a device that lasts a little longer? Power users and those who game on their T-Mobile G1 will need to pick up this extended life battery from Seidio. This battery does make your device a lot thicker than it is normally, but hey its only $55 and your phone wont need a charge as often. The battery is so big that a back cover is needed just to house it. Take a look at the picture for a moment and try to get a good realization of just how large this makes your handset before ordering, you may be surprised. The standard battery is 1150mAh, but this monster backs 2600mAh! At least now you can bring down even the largest person from across the room with one good throw of your handset.  Do you feel this extra bulk is worth it? [Via Seidio]
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