doubleTwist Android Sync System [DOUBLE DEMO] [VIDEOS]

Here at Mobile World Congress 2011 we've had a meeting with several doubleTwist reps including Stuart Collingwood (Vice President, EMEA,) and Monique Farantzos (Founder, President.) In this meeting we've been told wonderous things of a future where syncing your Android with your desktop is as simple as pressing a single button, and in many cases not pressing a button at all. Before we even continue in this post, I recommend you grab the app and the desktop client from and get to freaking out. Then lets have a peek with video demos into the future with some demos below so you can see the simplicity if you aren't already completely convinced.

Sync Music Found in Android 3.0 Honeycomb [EXCLUSIVE]

More specifically, the following option appears when you've got the [leaked] Honeycomb music player installed on your Android device running the current build of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. If you'd like to see how to do such a thing, head over to our Android Honeycomb Music Player: Full Guide [Early Leak] post and get yourself educated. Then come back here and get super pumped up because we've found a bit of an excellent option that appears when you've got the Honeycomb music player installed. Sync Music - but from where? That, my friends, is the question.

WiFi Syncing coming to Android via Winamp

One of the most used features on a smartphone is its music playing capabilities. We all love music and our mobile phones provide the excellent way for us to take our music anywhere. For those who use an Android device for music you are very aware that the current music playback system on Android is lacking. Capitalizing on that fact, Winamp has just released its updated player - this time bringing WiFi syncing.

HTC Sync Windows Application gets Updated to 3.0

HTC Windows syncing application "Sync" has now been officially updated to version 3.0 bringing in an array of new features. This software is available for the following devices : HTC Desire, DROID ERIS, DROID INCREDIBLE, HTC Aria, HTC EVO, myTouch 3G Slide.

TCL has announced the first Android-based Internet television in China

The Google TV isn’t even out yet and there are a few competitors that will have a similar television on the market before Google releases theirs. This TV is from TCL which is a big electronics manufacturer in China. That will be the home of television if it makes it past all the censorship drama that is brewing between Google and the Chinese government.

Movistar unveils the Ivy, a low-cost Android 2.1 phone with Huawei

While most of us wait in anticipation for the 2.1 OTA, a low-end device emerges with it preinstalled. Movistar, in partnership with Huawei, has launched a low-cost Android-powered handset called the Ivy. The Movistar IVY comes with the usual Google apps and is expected to launch shortly in Europe. .

iSyncr For Android

iSyncr is another solution for syncing your Android device with your iTunes account. This app comes in both PC and MAC compatible versions. For a small fee of $2.99 you can purchase either of these and turn your Android device into an iPod (but better). There is also a lite version of both apps but they are limited to only one playlist amount other restrictions. And if you want to take it a step further, there is an iSync Widget that allows you to rate songs right for your phone. The widgets costs $1.99 and only works with the PC version of the app, MAC support is coming soon. Market Descriptions: iSyncr for Mac Leopard or Snow Leopard Only (10.5+) - Want to stop carrying both your phone and your iPod? Keep your music fresh with smart playlists? Download iSyncr to sync your Android phone with iTunes. iSyncr is even smart enough to keep your iTunes “Top 25 Most Played” playlist in sync. iSyncr for PC Windows iTunes Only - Want to stop carrying both your phone and your iPod? Keep your music fresh with smart playlists? Download iSyncr to sync your Android phone with iTunes. iSyncr is even smart enough to keep your iTunes “Top 25 Most Played” playlist in sync. Please visit our website to read the FAQ. Mac version out now. iSyncr Ratings Widget Wish you could sync your iTunes ratings with your phone? Now you can, with the iSyncr Ratings Widget. Just use this widget and iSyncr for PC! Support for iSyncr for Mac is coming. Only a 2x4 widget right now, more layouts to come. Requires the latest version of iSyncr for PC.


SugarSync is file sync, backup and file sharing service for Android. Today, they announced their new 3.0 version for Android and it has a few great changes to their already good service. This is another “Cloud-Based” solution for accessing all of your photos, music, videos and other documents while on the go. This app will be available tonight in the Android Market.

Thumbplay Music Available now

Thumbplay music is a popular service already available for BlackBerry users, now it looks to expand by added support for Android. It’s a cloud-based subscription music service that plays unlimited on-demand listening to over 8 million tracks from some of the top artist in music.
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