OTA updates for Samsung Epic 4G, Transform and Galaxy Tab coming

A pretty strong indication of an over the air (OTA) update to the Samsung Epic 4G, Transform, and even the Galaxy Tab popped up on the interwebs today in the form of a screen shot from Sprint's website. The intended upgrades includes the Epic 4G moving up to Android 2.2.1 (Froyo) as well as some 2.2 yogurty goodness for the Samsung Transform. Even the Samsung Galaxy Tab joins the Epic 4G and Transform with a little nip and tuck courtesy of a Sprint ID update that will provide for a package of wallpapers, ringtones and apps to bring it up to where the current state of the art is for Sprint and Samsung.

Swype for Android Beta Registration Back Open, Update Patched

This fabulous system which I myself still cannot for the life of my get the hang of used to be a brand whose product was not quite compatible with Android. Then the APKs started getting out. Beta testers were in play, but many more people with the app had the app without technically having official access to the app. To combat (for some odd reason or another) the use of this app without permission, Swype instilled a login system that'd supposedly block the people who weren't supposed to be in, out. Now there's an update.

Swype’s new Global Shortcuts bypass Google’s search box [Video]

Google may be all about search, but it looks like Swype is hoping to usurp their search box as the easiest way to find things on Android devices. The company showed Android Community an upcoming version of the app which adds text-based global shortcut support: type your search term into any text box, double tap it and then use Swype commands to trigger new Twitter and Facebook messages, Google Maps searches, and more. So, if you're texting someone to invite them for a drink and you want to find the nearest coffee shop, you could Swype in "coffee shop" into the body of your SMS, highlight it, and then gesture from the Swype key up to G then M. Swype will automatically load Google Maps and search for that term. When the new version ships, Swype will preload a selection of shortcuts, but also allow users to define their own. Meanwhile, the app also gets multi-tap text entry support, useful for those who ever have been frustrated by trying to Swype in non-dictionary words. The app switched seamlessly between the two modes with no settings changed. More in the video below. [vms b30aa72ca258a3483cc7]

Swype Sends Distribution Rules to XDA

Ruh roh! Are everyone one of the XDA Developers going to be arrested? No way man. The administrators sent a request to the developers of Swype asking them to grab an official statement for their stance on what constitues legal distribution of Swype and what didn't. What do they end up saying? Mostly no, don't do that, don't ever do that, you jerk dudes. On the other hand they do mention something along the lines of "we also feel that the enthusiast community is valuable to the long-term success of our business." That sounds promising. Is it?

Swype Beta Re-Opens for a Limited Time

For everyone who missed out on the last opening of the Swype beta, there is some good news to report this afternoon. Swype for Android has received an update as well as had its beta re-opened to the public.

Swype Android Beta updated

I have some good news for those of you that have been testing out the Swype beta on your Android device( aka it didn't come pre-installed on your phone). The Swype beta has just received a significantly large update for its users. Check out the full list of features after the break.

Swype Beta Update On the way

Arguably the most popular keyboard for Android devices, Swype has been hinted at nearing the time for an update. An anonymous source close to the matter has stated that the new version of Swype Beta for Android is in the final states of testing right now.

Swype for Android amounting to great success

Swype is one of the best and most popular keyboard options for Android phones and tablets. Launched just under a year ago on Android devices, the company is already boasting some very popular accomplishments. In an email sent out from Swype's PR, we get details on some of these great milestones. The feats include:
  • Launched or announced for 20 devices across 50 countries including handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid, and the T-Mobile G2
  • Expansion to tablets with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, coming this year to many countries, carriers and markets
  • Swype has been preloaded on eight of the last 12 Android US devices
  • Swype language support for 40 languages including:
    • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Malay, Russian, Finnish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Serbian, Czech, Greek, Polish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Icelandic, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and many more.
  • Funding amounting to $6.6 million from Nokia Growth Partners, Samsung Ventures and DOCOMO Capital Inc, with 2% of the company set aside to fund disability research
  • Two World Records set using Swype for the fastest text message on a touch screen mobile phone
We can only expect to see Swype's user base growing as it becomes more and more known among Android users.

Swype Heading for 50 Devices by the End of 2010

Swype is on its way into the mobile world, its already been seen on a few handsets already and the company eagerly wants to put it on iPhone. So far Apple doesn't look like they're too interested in taking the bait. But in the meanwhile, HTC, Samsung and Motorola and other OEMs are perfectly fine set in the cult-favorite keyboard's crosshairs.
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