SwiftKey passes 5 million downloads, on sale this weekend only

One of the most popular and widely used 3rd party keyboards for Android smartphones and tablets, SwiftKey, has just announced they've passed 5 million downloads. Along with this awesome news comes two things. They are hosting a sale to celebrate, and have also updated the applications with additional language support and more.

Swiftkey X updated with slew of bug fixes — now even better

Here at Android Community we love 3rd party keyboards and Swiftkey X is right at the top of our list. We've constantly recommended this as one of the best apps for Android phones and tablets. Today they've pushed their latest update to improve upon the recently released v2.2 and they've added tons of improvements and bug fixes -- Especially for the Droid Bionic.

SwiftKey keyboard developer raises $2.4 million from investors

We've covered SwiftKey in its various incarnations a lot here on Android Community, and not without good reason. It's gained notoriety as one of the most popular Android virtual keyboards, no small task when your app duplicates core functionality, even if it is adding in a lot more. Octopus Investments would seem to agree: They've invested 1.5 million GBP, about 2.4 million dollars, in the small developer TouchType.

SwiftKey X updates to v2.2 with multi-touch and resizing, we go hands-on

The popular third party keyboard for Android SwiftKey X has just received another excellent update today and just like recent updates they've brought plenty of improvements and new features -- not to mention even more languages support. Available in the market right now is version 2.2 and although we got our first look at the beta last week and tested the new features, today it's finally available for all and we have the full changelog.

SwiftKey X updated to version 2.1, we go hands-on

The popular keyboard SwiftKey X by Touchtype has been receiving a lot of attention in the world of Android, and with good reason. It is one of the best alternative keyboards available and has recently been graced with some updates making it even better. Today SwiftKey has just announced the new update version 2.1 for their popular keyboard after receiving some changes asked for by their community and from the private BETA. We've been able to look it over and I truly love SwiftKey X, especially on my tablet. More details and pics below.

SwiftKey X Beta Update Rolling Out to Beta Testers

TouchType LTD's replacement keyboard, SwiftKey, has been a fairly big hit. Swiftkey offers, what many consider, improved prediction and accuracy when typing with its virtual keyboard. TouchType has been working on a new version, SwiftKey X. The beta version for phones is available for free in the Android Market, but for those in TouchType's beta program, a shiny new version for phones and tablets has been released. With the update comes your standard batch of "improvements," as well as a few new features.

SwiftKey 2 [BETA] Hands-On and Review

Have yourself a look at the newest version of the most radically awesome keyboard app in existence, SwiftKey. This version features a few new elements including a brand new installer process, settings menu, and a most-excellent shortcut launcher on the keyboard itself. Our review lies beneath, as does a key to getting your own BETA copy today, and today only! Sell the excellence of a keyboard that learns as you teach it, teaching without any extra effort for more awesome awareness!
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