TeamViewer QuickSupport update brings support to more phones

An app called TeamViewer QuickSupport has been updated this week to bring support for more devices to the mix. TeamViewer QuickSupport is an application that allows mobile infrastructure managers to help users with issues on their Android devices without needing physical access to the device.

Zikk lets you do tech support on Android devices from a distance

Many of us have probably experienced playing tech support for friends or family at one point or another. While navigating through our own devices is easy, trying to get someone who is miles away to follow instructions is no walk in the park. Enter Zikk, who will either make your life as the tech go to guy simpler or even busier.

Verizon Wireless opens second chance enrollments on protection plans

If you happen to be carrying a Verizon handset without any sort of protection plan you now have an opportunity to get the coverage you need -- even if you missed out on that initial availability window. Verizon Wireless along with Asurion are currently offering a second chance open enrollment and those looking to sign-up have until December 2nd to do so. This includes the Total Mobile Protection and Wireless Phone Protection options, both of which include device replacements.

Amazon details Mayday, 24/7 live video tech support for Kindle Fire HDX line

Along with all of the excellent news from Amazon this evening regarding their new Kindle Fire HDX lineup is something called Mayday. You might be wondering what exactly that is, and we'll tell you. Mayday! Mayday! We have a problem! Amazon will be offering 365/24/7 (all day every day) live video remote tech support on their new Kindle Fire HDX tablets. This is free for the new tablet owners, and is rather interesting.

Verizon Total Mobile Protection services launching this week

Verizon has announced they will be launching a new "Total Mobile Protection" service plan this week. This plan will include a wide variety of options such as a premium level of tech support, to protection against malware and insurance to help cover the cost of a lost or stolen device. Verizon is pushing this as offering "peace of mind" and has it priced at $10 per month.

Vine update brings new features – no word on Android version

Today the extremely popular 6-second video clip app Vine for iOS was updated with a few pretty awesome new features, yet sadly we are still getting ignored over here in Googleville. Vine has been available for some time, and we've heard "coming soon" regarding an Android version, but now they're adding more features to their current app while they continue to shun Android users.

Facebook Home support for future devices detailed – Samsung up next

So you don't want a new smartphone and are happy with your Samsung Galaxy S III or a newly purchased HTC One, how can you try Facebook Home? Well, it will be available in the Google Play Store come April 12th as a free download. There's a few caveats though. It won't support all devices, at least not at first, but Facebook promises monthly updates and support for a wide array of smartphones and tablets coming soon. Read on to find out what devices, and when.

HTC adds LogMeIn Rescue remote support to future phones

Beats and MOG aren't the only things that HTC will be including with all its new phones starting with the One series. The Taiwanese manufacturer has partnered with popular remote access software maker LogMeIn to bring a remote support app to Android phones. LogMeIn Rescue (a free download in the Google Play Store) is designed to allow HTC's technical support team to connect to and control a smartphone across a wireless network, in pretty much the exact same way that the LogMeIn software for desktops works.
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