Super Bowl

NBC offers livestream of Super Bowl XLIX on Android app

Rejoice Seahawks and Patriot fans -- we can all enjoy Super Bowl Sunday, the game itself and the halftime show, right on you Android device, free and uninterrupted. TV network NBC is offering up to 11 hours of live content featuring America’s biggest sporting event over its Android TV streaming app. Yay!

Samsung shares extended four minute Super Bowl ‘Next Big Thing’ ad spot

It was a tough game full of emotions and a pretty impressive comeback from the 9ers, but in the end the Baltimore Ravens are taking home the trophy. I don't know about you guys, but I think we saw more CBS promotions than actual commercials, but at least Samsung had one worth watching. Well theirs and the amazing GoDaddy clip. Today Samsung's posted an extended 4:41 second clip of their expensive Super Bowl commercial so lets take a look.

Super Bowl apps, games, and movies roundup

It's that time of year again folks. Super Bowl time! Or as many are calling it lately, the Harbowl. Two of the best NFL teams from around the league gather for the ultimate battle. For those looking for Android apps, games, live wallpapers, movies, music and more to get prepared for Bowl Sunday the folks from Google have you covered.

Reminder: Watch the Super Bowl live with Verizon’s NFL Mobile app

The future is now here. Welcome to 2012 where we can enjoy the Super Bowl live right from our Android smartphone. Yes we've been able to watch sports, UFC, and other things on Android thanks to Adobe Flash and other means for some time now, but Verizon will be live streaming the entire Super Bowl right to our devices.

NFL Super Bowl 3D Live Wallpaper — Get it before the big game

Who is ready for the Super Bowl? If you've been watching Sportscenter and NFL Network all week just like me and would like to show your team spirit on Android I have just the app for you. Obviously there are tons of different apps and live wallpapers available but NFL Super Bowl 3D Live Wallpaper so far is one of my favorites. It's simple but elegant and I can sport my Packers with pride (maybe next year guys.)

Samsung releases teaser video of upcoming Super Bowl ad

In case you missed the news, Samsung is set to run a rather long and hopefully impressive commercial during this years Super Bowl. It will be important for a few reasons. One being that it's their first ever commercial in the big game, and it will reportedly be 90 seconds which will cost them an arm and a leg. Today they've released a small teaser video and you can see the short clip below.

Official Super Bowl XLVI app is free, hot dogs still $9

If you're one of the lucky 70,000 descending upon Lucas Oil Stadium this weekend for the biggest football game in the world (no, international readers, soccer doesn't count) you might want to spend some time to download the official Super Bowl XlVI Guide app. This navigation and locale app helps visiting pigskin fans navigate the Indianapolis metro area and find all the events leading up to the big game. The app itself is free, which is surely good news for anyone who took out a second mortgage to actually attend the Super Bowl.

Samsung spending millions on Galaxy Note Super Bowl ad

We're pretty stoked about the Samsung Galaxy Note finally making its way stateside - but not nearly as excited as Samsung themselves. Today the Samsung Mobile US Twitter account teased an upcoming Super Bowl ad, and their wording leaves little doubt that it's promoting the 5.3-inch smartphone bound for AT&T later in February. Samsung claimed that the ad will be "one of the longest in the game", which points to at least a 60-second spot and maybe even a 90-second one. Considering that a single 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl runs about 3-4 million dollars, Samsung is poised to spend a heck of a lot of money for a single promotion. They've even hired the producer of Dumb & Dumber and There's Something About Mary to oversee the project.

AT&T to provide free WiFi zones and boost network in Indianapolis for Super Bowl

Recently reports suggest Verizon spent an upwards of $69 million to boost their network in preparation for the big game, Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. They've been getting all the airtime but they aren't the only ones going big for my favorite day of the year. AT&T has made huge improvements in downtown Indianapolis for the visitors not to mention huge increases around the stadium. AT&T is aiming to offer their subscribers the perfect day full of football, beer, and a few signal bars too.