Pixel OFF app saves power on LED screens

LED and AMOLED screens are admired by screen junkies all over the word because they produce the deepest blacks in a mobile device display. This is because LED screens, including Samsung’s more preferred AMOLED screens, just basically turn off when they're assigned to draw the "black" color. That’s what the new app “Pixel OFF” tries to do, because theoretically, LED pixels not emitting light draws no electrical power.

Samsung Galaxy S6 has the best OLED display on a smartphone

When it comes to OLED displays, no one will probably come close to the efforts of Samsung to develop its Super AMOLED technology. The Korean gadget giants produce two generations of their top OLED displays per year, and they are highlighted in the company’s flagship devices. This was the case with the Galaxy Note 4 – touted as the device with the most realistic display when it came out – and is the same with the new Galaxy S6, having the latest generation of Samsung OLED technology.

Samsung Galaxy tablet royal rumble for 1st half of 2014

Samsung has lots of tablets though thankfully fewer in number than its smartphones. Still, it's quite easy to get lost in a sea of models, names and specs of devices announced in the first half of this year alone. If you're curious to see what Samsung has to offer in terms of the big bad boys of Android devices, then come along as we look back at the different kinds of new tablets that the manufacturer has unleashed so far.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 with FHD AMOLED display coming soon

Samsung's line of Galaxy Tabs are pretty nice, but only one rocks their impressive Super AMOLED technology. That being the Galaxy Tab 7.7 that has been available for some time. However, multiple reports have surfaced over the past few weeks suggesting Samsung is preparing to offer those same beautiful displays in full 1080p HD on an array of tablet sizes.

Samsung rumored to be prepping 11.6-inch Tab with full HD AMOLED

We've been hearing all sorts of rumors out of the Samsung camp lately, but this is a juicy one we had to share. Most likely they have an array of tablets coming soon to compete with the Xperia Z and other high-end Android tablets, but imagine one with a Super HD AMOLED panel. Samsung's best display that isn't offered on their tablets. Well that's where this rumor is headed.

Samsung’s flexible AMOLED delayed until 2013

Samsung has decided to push back its new flexible AMOLED displays. Samsung is seeing so much success with its traditional glass AMOLED displays, they don't seem too concerned with getting the flexible screens to market quickley. During production, Samsung ran into some mass production problems, which made it impossible for them to hit the previously hinted at Q3 2012 release originally hinted at.

Samsung Galaxy S III has Pentile AMOLED screen

Sorry, videophiles - that rumor that the Galaxy S III will be using a non-Pentile display turned out to be false. It's using the same Pentile Matrix technology that previous Samsung phones (among others) relied on. We had heard that the new Samsung flagship would use the sharper and more expensive "Super AMOLED HD+" layout (i.e. a standard pixel grid) but we can confirm here at the Mobile Unpacked event that this is not the case.

Samsung names flexible AMOLED tech “YOUM”

Those who don't keep a religious watch on the comings and goings in the supply side of the technology industry will be surprised to know that Samsung, in addition to selling tens of millions of phones every year, supplies components like processors and screens to their own competitors. Just for example, the processor and the screen in the iPad 3 come from Sammy. But when it comes to display tech, Samsung takes all comers, and one of the more interesting designs to come out of the South Korean company is their flexible Super AMOLED display. It seems they're renamed the display tech to "YOUM", for no discernible reason, as well as files trademarks for several more acronyms.

Features you will instantly miss from a Galaxy Nexus once trying out the iPhone 4S

As many would agree, it's best to have an unbiased opinion to help the public see the truth in your word. And taking that to heart, I went out and purchased an iPhone 4S to get a better feel for its differences and similarities to Android. Sure, we've all messed around with an iPhone at a retail store - and after taking the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for a spin it's instantly hard to reason with its pricetag. But the iPhone does so well, and people love it. This is why I needed to test it out for myself.
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