Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai discusses Samsung, Nokia, and WhatsApp at MWC chat

At MWC, Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai spoke, touching on a variety of topics. According to him, the recent news of Google’s work with Samsung is far less exciting than we’d like to believe, and he longs for an Android powered smartwatch. As for Microsoft and their Nokia X — he’s as confused as we are.

Android chief Pichai says there was no WhatsApp offer from Google

At MWC this week, Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pichai had something interesting to say about WhatsApp. According to the Google SVP, they never made an offer for WhatsApp. This contradicts earlier reports that Google was dead set on acquiring WhatsApp, even going so far as to offer cash to be notified of any other offers for the messaging service.

Pichai stays put at Google, Microsoft chooses Nadella as new CEO

Microsoft, in announcing their new CEO, chose a traditional path. Satya Nadella has been around Redmond for 22 years, and has seen various changes over that time. He’s seen the growth of Microsoft, as well as the changing appetites of consumers. From desktop to notebooks, then netbooks to mobile, he’s seen it all in two decades of work.