AT&T moves away from voice-centric subscriptions

More and more phone users rely on the Internet to keep connected with others and network carriers need to adapt to this growing trend in order to remain relevant and competitive. That is why AT&T is slowly moving away from plans that revolve around voice calls and text messages towards more data-centric offerings.

Songza launches an advertising-free ‘Club’ subscription option

Songza is touted as a service that "plays you the right music at the right time." The service offers curated playlists based on everything from your current activity to genre, decade and mood and does so for free. In return for offering a free service, Sonza does mix in some advertisements and also limits how many tracks you are able to skip. Well, as of today a new subscription option has been announced.

Google Music All Access bumps to $9.99 starting next month

If you've been looking for an excellent all-in-one solution to your musical needs, Google Music All Access has you covered. The service that delivers your own personal cloud of music, up to 20,000 songs, radio stations like Pandora, and access to millions of songs on-demand like Spotify. Announced in May at Google I/O this is a reminder that their introductory price is about to end.

YouTube tipped to launch paid channel subscriptions

We've been hearing a lot of different reports and rumors lately regarding what Google could have planned for YouTube. Obviously YouTube isn't showing any signs of slowing down, but they might as well improve it and capitalize on the billions of viewers, right? Today we're hearing YouTube will announce paid channel subscriptions soon, possibly sometime this week.

T-Mobile to completely end device subsidies next year

We are hearing some interesting news today out of the T-Mobile camp. It looks like those folks are looking to shake up the mobile industry and make some massive changes. T-Mobile hopes to completely get rid of device subsidies attached to contracts and such starting early next year. This means no more discounted phones and 2-year contracts, instead you'll be on value plans and make payments towards your purchase.

Google launches subscription trial feature for Play Store

Earlier today, Android Developers sent out a tweet announcing the Google Play store's newest feature: try-and-buy for in-app subscriptions. This follows the in-app subscription feature - which was announced in May - to give developers more control over their apps and how they potentially gain new customers. Try-and-buy will only be available on apps where the developer has elected to offer a free trial period.

Verizon launches GameTanium – Subscription gaming service for Android

For those that love Android gaming we have a new offer for you. If you find yourself spending more than $5 or so a month on Android smartphone and tablet games a new subscription based service by Verizon might be just what you're looking for. It's like Netflix or Gamefly (in a way) although you seem to be limited to their specific apps they've chosen for you. More details can be had below.
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