Google launches subscription trial feature for Play Store

Earlier today, Android Developers sent out a tweet announcing the Google Play store's newest feature: try-and-buy for in-app subscriptions. This follows the in-app subscription feature - which was announced in May - to give developers more control over their apps and how they potentially gain new customers. Try-and-buy will only be available on apps where the developer has elected to offer a free trial period.

Verizon launches GameTanium – Subscription gaming service for Android

For those that love Android gaming we have a new offer for you. If you find yourself spending more than $5 or so a month on Android smartphone and tablet games a new subscription based service by Verizon might be just what you're looking for. It's like Netflix or Gamefly (in a way) although you seem to be limited to their specific apps they've chosen for you. More details can be had below.

Google adds In-App Subscriptions to the Play Store

Google+ isn't the only one getting new tricks today. Google has just rolled out some new goodies for the Play Store that should help our friendly developers make even more cash money. Google Added in-app billing last year but today we now have in-app subscriptions. As of today developers can offer in-app payments for monthly or annual subscriptions to games, magazines and more.
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