Amazon Prime members can now download videos for offline viewing

Enjoying your Amazon Prime account yet? Just in case you didn't know, your subscription includes many benefits like access to Amazon Cloud Drive, being able to purchase Amazon Dash buttons, free music, and of course, access to Prime Instant Video. If those are not enough, the e-commerce site is now allowing members to download TV episodes and movies onto smartphones and tablets with their online subscription.

Comcast, EA Games partner up for Xfinity TV gaming

Comcast and EA revealed a partnership today to get people gaming on their high-bandwith Comcast X1 set-top box. They call it "Xfinity Games" and the US cable outfit is partnering up with video gaming giant EA to bring casual gaming to big screen TVs that have Comcasts’s X1 set-top box. The new servicer, now in beta launch, is aimed squarely at families who want to play casual games on their TV.

Google launches Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast, now sold out

Don't get your hopes up as there's no new Chromecast yet. Google knows its current digital media player is still doing great in the market. It's almost two years old and yet support for the service is only expanding rapidly the past few months. The only disadvantage we see is that it only works over WiFi. Not that it's big problem but there is the reality of getting a poor WiFi connection at times. To solve this, Google has introduced a new adapter with built-in Ethernet port.

CloudPlayer puts you in control of your music

The name CloudPlayer can be a little confusing because there are apps already named as such. For one, there's Amazon's Cloud Player and several other cloud players available. CloudPlayer is yet another music player that lets you control your favorite music. It's linked to your other cloud accounts so whether your audio files are stored on your Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, you can play your fave tunes anytime, anywhere.

Remotr app streams PC games to your Android device

A new app has landed for Android users who are also PC gamers called Remotr. The app enables PC gamers to stream their favorite games directly to their Android smartphone or tablet anywhere they are. Remotr developers say that the app gives you the same performance and visual quality you would get if you were sitting in front of your PC playing the game.

HTC RE camera update will let you stream live to YouTube

Every photo or video needs an audience, whether it be ourselves or others and what better audience is there for an action camera like the HTC RE than a live one? With a firmware update coming tomorrow, HTC's rather odd-looking action camera will be gaining a new ability, allowing users to share their precious memories and moments as they happen with anyone in the world. And by anyone, they mean those who will be tuning in to your live stream performance on YouTube.
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