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Medieval Wars tests your strategic mind in the Middle Ages

HeroCraft, makers of the Strategy & Tactics series, is building upon their relative success with the game series by releasing a 3rd game in the Strategy & Tactics mold called “Medieval Wars”. No prizes for guessing the time period of the game, as it is obviously set in medieval Europe.

Island Castaway: Lost World arrives on Android

After being very popular with iOS tablet users the free-to-play strategy game Island Castaway: Lost World now arrives at the Google Play Store to work its charms on Android users as well. With the multitude of choices for F2P games out there, this app better bring it’s a game to make it big over Android.

MMO strategy game Total Domination: Reborn hits Android

Total Domination: Reborn is a massively multiplayer online “freemium” game that was originally released on iOS and is now hitting the Google Play Store. The game is now a year old, released back in May 2013, but still boasts of a huge player base, most of them carried over from when the app was released as a Facebook game.

Ubisoft, DotEmu to bring Heroes of Might and Magic III to Android

Strategy games will always be in demand as long as the developers keep the gamers interested with new things. Another way to capture the geeks' attention is to bring old games to a mobile platform like Android. Recently, Ubisoft partnered with game porting specialist DotEmu to bring Heroes of Might and Magic III to Android. The new version will boast of HD graphics for a better viewing and gaming experience.

Tribal Wars 2 arrives on Android, multi-platform strategy game

After being announced in January 2014, Tribal Wars 2 finally arrives on Android as a multi-device, cross platform strategy gaming app. With the landslide success of “Clash of Clans” a lot more developers are willing to develop cross-platform games, and InnoGames is betting on Tribal Wars 2 to be an exciting Android gaming prospect.

Peter Molyneux’s Godus now on Android, all you mortals despair

Peter Molyneux, one of the preeminent British game designers of our day, has received a lot of deserved recognition for another one of his “play god” games – this most recent called “Godus”. The game has spent a lot of time on Steam and iOS, but now it’s finally out on Android.

XCOM: Enemy Within takes its turn on Android

2K Games has just released the expansion to the hit AAA PC game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which also ventured into Android last April. Fans of the franchise will probably fall for this game as well, as it brings the game into a handy mobile size. But make no mistake, XCOM: Enemy Within isn't a dumbed down version, though graphics are, of course, less detailed. The game offers you everything that the larger PC version does, and even adds a multiplayer option to boot.

Sci-fi strategy game Battle Worlds: Kronos drops for Android

Battle Worlds: Kronos had great hype when it was still a Kickstarter project – the crowd-funding effort more than doubled their USD$120,000 goal. But it received good-but-not-so-great reviews when it launched for the PC platform. That is why it is interesting to see if this new strategy game will capture the hearts of hardcore tabletop strategy gamers out there.

Ride dragons to battle with Mark of the Dragon

Another week, another combat strategy game to feature. The Mark of the Dragon is a new strategy game that you could get addicted to. That is, if you’re still not over Clash of Clans or Star Wars Commander.
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