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Tiny Realms now available on Android, only in New Zealand for now

Tiny Realms, the currently popular strategy game in iOS, has finally arrived on Android. There's one tiny problem though: game is only available in New Zealand. This doesn't mean app won't be available anywhere else, New Zealand is just getting it first as part of a soft launch. Developers TinyMob Games has recently finished beta testing so it should be available for all anytime soon.

Zynga plots reinvention, launches Empires and Allies strategy game

We’ll understand if you say it has been a while since you’ve heard of Zynga. They were once big when Facebook games were the “in thing”, but a rapid decline also saw Zynga take the full brunt of Facebook being an unstable platform for casual gaming. So here we are, with Zynga pressured to catch up with the mobile gaming industry – their first substantial offering is a mobile strategy game in “Empires and Allies”.

Defend humans from a horde of zombies in World Zombination

In a world where crazy zombies are taking over, one survivor must make a stand and be a hero to the rest of the surviving humans. World Zombination is another multiplayer online game that lets the player be the hero of cities being attacked by a horde of zombies aka The Infected. They won’t stop attacking the nation and they will only continue to reproduce zombie drones until they take over the world.

Ubisoft brings ‘Anno: Build an Empire’ strategy game to Android

Ubisoft has promised the 'Anno: Build an Empire' strategy game for Android and now it's finally ready for download. This is actually the mobile version of the popular strategy game. Players are required to build an empire stone by stone and construct several buildings. You can build, manage, construct just about anything. You can also practice being a city planner called to build a metropolis complete with infrastructre, production facilities.

Crowntakers: Be prepared to save the king from evil

Like any other kingdoms, you don't want yours to be defeated and taken over by anyone else. If you are an ordinary citizen or just a commoner, you can choose to go on with your life or decide to become a hero by defending the king. There is a chance for someone like you to be elected by the king to go on an epic adventure that will free him from the evil duke's plans. With Crowntaker, you can be that great hero your kingdom will ever have.

Tiny Guardians is a new spin on tower defense strategy game

Here's a new strategy game I'm sure not only adults will love. Kids will find the Tiny Guardians cute and easy to play. Perhaps this could be that game that will introduce the young children to the beauty of RPG and strategy games. You need to download this strategy tower defense game to know it's beyond adorable. Interestingly, this TD game has no tower. You just need to strategize. Choose to be a tiny hero and defend yourself from the enemies. It will be one epic adventure as you travel through the wilderness of Prism.

Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf enters beta testing

Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf was a title reported as far back as 2013, which means it has been in development stage since that time. But these days, it seems that developer Herocraft is finally willing to take of the covers from the game and allow some people to play it, test it, wring it around like so by going into beta testing.

CivCrafter is an addictive ‘clicker’ empire-building game

This new “clicker” game genre – where clicking or in our case, tapping on the screen will give you options to build your city or town – is very much a growing trend, and our featured game here – CivCrafter – is one of the more well-developed clicker games. It’s all about building your empire, pretty simple when you have your city at the tip of your fingers. But this one is a very addictive proposition.
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