Google stock split will change S&P 500 rules

Google is getting ready for a stock split. The search giant has been expected to split their stock for quite some time, though nothing has come of it until now. In addition to the split, they will have three categories of stock for purchase. The lower-end pricing after the split is still expected to be well out of the reach of most of us, though.

Nexus 7 LTE disappears from the Google Play Store

Just last Monday Google finally released their brand new and impressive 2013 Nexus 7 to the Google Play Store with the option for 4G LTE, after over a month of WiFi only sales. With many patiently waiting to snag the LTE model we were glad to see it finally arrive. Fast forward to today however, just one week later, and it's no longer available.

Chromecast availability on Google Play returns, shipping in 2 weeks

When Google first announced their new Chromecast media streaming device about a month ago, they apparently didn't expect the device to be in such demand. After selling out almost instantly and being wiped from Best Buy shelves in a matter of hours, the device has been hard to find. However, this afternoon the Play Store stock and availability appears to be stabilizing.

LG has “no plans” for a Google Play edition G2

This afternoon in New York City the folks from LG finally announced and revealed their all-new and impressive looking flagship smartphone to take on the Moto X, Galaxy S4, and more. That being the new 5.2-inch LG G2. It's powered by Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and there's no word when 4.3 will arrive, so our first thought was if they'd also offer a Google Play edition smartphone.

HTC One “Senseless Edition” tipped to arrive in limited quantities

HTC has denied the rumors, however talk of a Senseless HTC One has not stopped. In fact, additional reports are continuing to surface. The latest, which once again is dealing with 'people familiar with the matter' is bringing claims that the phone is real and that it will be released in limited quantities. That is not to say a limited edition, but more like it will be a limited initial run to judge the market.

Google Nexus 10 back in stock at the Play Store

It looks like slowly but surely Google's Nexus devices are returning back to stock in the Google Play Store. Well, the Nexus 10 tablet is at least. The Nexus 4 is still hard to catch, although it arrived earlier this week at Best Buy and T-Mobile stores. Yesterday the Nexus 10 returned to "in stock" and we urge you to snag one now before they're all gone.
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