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Google stock split will change S&P 500 rules

Google is getting ready for a stock split. The search giant has been expected to split their stock for quite some time, though nothing has come of it until now. In addition to the split, they will have three categories of stock for purchase. The lower-end pricing after the split is still expected to be well out of the reach of most of us, though.

Google passes Microsoft to become second most valuable technology company

The stock market world is buzzing with the fact that Google has passed Microsoft's market cap for the first time ever. This places Google firmly in the second slot for most valuable tech companies. First place goes to Apple, who just hit the ground running with the launch of the iPhone 5. This puts search and mobile OS giant Google in a great position, which of course, benefits the Android platform as a whole.

Former Flash boss slams Adobe, stock price plunges

Earlier today Adobe made a very unpopular decision: it's abandoning development of Flash for mobile platforms, including Android, as part of a company-wide restructuring effort. Shareholders likewise abandoned their Adobe stock, closing out the trading day with an almost 8% loss, up from even greater losses in the morning. To add insult to injury, former Adobe executive Carlos Icaza told Read Write Web that the company ignored his call to focus on touchscreen displays way back in 2007, leading him to leave his job and get an incredible amount of post-employment vindication right about now.