Steve Wozniak

Woz talks Apple, Samsung in latest interview

What more can you say about Steve Wozniak? Outspoken, frank, and usually right. This time around, Woz goes after Samsung, and even hints that Apple should stop doing — well, Apple. Though he makes some interesting arguments, his head is still in the clouds a bit.

Steve Wozniak talks Google Glass, Now, and Samsung in latest interview

Steve Wozniak needs no introduction as the co-founder of Apple, and recently our sister site SlashGear had a moment to quickly interview "the Woz". There's no denying his genius, and we've covered many comments from Wozniak in the past. While talking about cars at a Ford conference in Michigan, Google Glass, Google Now, Samsung S-Beam and even Apple's Airdrop all came up. It's an interesting interview and we had a few snippets we wanted to share.

Woz would love to see iTunes running on his Android phone

For an Android site, we sure have been writing about Steve Wozniak a lot lately. First we got to take a look inside his travel backpack and see all of his gadgets, then we heard him saying that he didn't agree with the highly publicized Apple-Samsung verdict. Now, thanks to a new Q&A session at Slashdot, we're finding out a lot more about him in general. Woz answered a bunch of different questions during the Q&A session, but a few of his answers in particular stick out.

Steve Wozniak on Samsung-Apple verdict: ‘I don’t agree with it’

Apple and Samsung's high-profile patent case riled up a lot of people on both sides of the argument, and today legendary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak gave his take on the whole tussle. In a new interview with Bloomberg, Wozniak said that he doesn't agree with the decision. He also said that he thinks companies should just share patents with each other, which would allow for the development of the best devices possible.

Steve Wozniak shows us his travel bag full of gadgets – Android included

If you're like me you probably carry around more than one or two gadgets on a daily basis. Between multiple phones, an extra battery, and usual a tablet I do pretty well -- but nothing compared to some. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak decided to share with the world what all he carries around when he travels. His travel bag must be pretty darn big because he packs an arsenal of gadgets.

Steve Wozniak really likes Android, still uses iPhone

In the geeky culture surrounding computers and technology, Steve Wozniak is as close to a god as they come. And not the angry, wrathful kind that shoots litigation lightning bolts from high atop Mount Cupertino - a more gentle, understanding god, whose new testament of finding joy in tech agnosticism rings true for nerds everywhere. The point is that when Wozniak makes sweeping statements about the state of the mobile industry, as he did to The Daily Beast, the tech world sits up and takes notice, if only for the comfortable knowledge that Woz's opinions are usually free of any real bias or allegiance.

Steve Wozniak is cooler than you, so Google gave him a Galaxy Nexus

Listen, it's alright. There's nothing to be ashamed about. It's a rare person that can match the sheer geeky awesomeness that is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Knowing this, Google thought that the Woz would be the perfect person to receive the very first U.S. Galaxy Nexus. The company invited him down to the Google Mountain View campus to pick it up, and had time for a brief photo op in front of the new Ice Cream Sandwich statue.