Valve updated the Steam app to Material Design spec, sort of

Let’s all be honest here, Valve is not going to win any design awards for the way they have designed the Steam Android app, or even the Steam program on your PC. A lot of people have not-so-nice things to say about the Steam apps, but hey, they do the job. We should be a bit happy to know that Valve has sort of updated the Steam app to reflect a UI close to (but not totally) Material Design. gaming console revealed, touts Iris graphics, Steam games

While most eyes are probably fixated on the upcoming next generation gaming consoles and devices this coming holiday season, proposing to bring something unique to the table. Without much fanfare, it has unveiled a revised version of its Unit 00 developer hardware that is an Android gaming console, home theater box, and personal computer all in one powerful package.

Demolition Inc. game brings lifelike physics to NVIDIA Tegra 3

With Android phones and tablets getting more powerful by the day, games will also get better. Many popular console and PC titles have been getting ports to Android and today we have an awesome physics PC game that is headed to Android soon. Demolition Inc. currently available on Steam for PC's is coming to NVIDIA Tegra powered device next month -- and it looks awesome.

Toki Tori added to the Android Humble Bundle

Congratulations, Android gamers: combined with Windows, Mac and Linux users, you've purchased almost 130,000 copies of the first Android Humble Bundle, raising almost $800,000 for developers and charities like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play. To celebrate, the organizers have thrown in a fifth game, Toki Tori, an updated version of Two Tribes' classic puzzle/platformer. New purchasers can access Toki Tori after paying, and those who have already bought the bundle can download the new game via their unique link. To get the bonus game World of Goo you still need to pay more than the average, now sitting at $6.12.

Steam updates for performance and stability, 3rd-party apps return with new names

While PC gamers like yours truly were ecstatic when Valve finally released its official Steam app on the Android Market, the software itself left a little to be desired in its initial version. Of course that's to be expected in a beta release, but the combination of closed access and slow, protracted animations even on high-end phones made for a frustrating experience at times. Valve solved one problem when it opened the beta app up to everyone, then another today, with the application of its latest update.

Official Steam for Android leaves beta, open to all Steam users

After Valve finally released an official Steam app for Android just a few short days ago users have been leaving all sorts of comments to release it out of beta. After only a select few could use the late to the party application, today it has left beta and is now fully open and available to anyone that already has a Steam account.

Third-party Steam apps muscled out of the Market

A lot of gamers got excited when the mobile Steam app was released last week for iOS and Android. (At least until they tried to log in and found out they weren't part of the inner Beta circle.) But now it seems that dozens of unofficial Steam apps, including the pretty awesome application from IBF Programs featured on Android Community a month ago. There's no word from Google or Valve, the creators and administrators of Steam, but it's a good bet that the publisher and retailer has at least some say in the proceedings.

Official Steam app in closed beta, available now

While we saw at least one impressive attempt at an unofficial Steam app, big daddy Valve has now stepped up and offered an official Steam client for Android. The ubiquitous PC game store-cloud client is incredibly popular among gamers, who have had to settle for access to the desktop web version before now. The Steam app is in beta and available as a free download on the Android Market, but unfortunately, your Steam account needs to be part of the batch of beta users in order to log in.

GameStop embraces Android for Streaming Games

GameStop is diving in the deep end of the mobile game streaming, having recently purchased Spawn Labs. Their plan is to go head to head with Steam, and do it with Android leading the charge. With Spawn Labs, GameStop will provide game streaming to any internet connected device, and the mobile market in particular. Why did they choose Android? Control.
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